Old Forester Unveils 12-Year Birthday Bourbon for 2023

Datum der Veröffentlichung Aug. 24, 2023, 07:09 am EDT
Louisville, KY, Vereinigte Staaten
Old Forester Unveils 12-Year Birthday Bourbon for 2023
Courtesy of Old Forester

There's no better way to celebrate the birthday of Old Forester's original creator, George Garvin Brown, than the annual release of the brand's most coveted expression, Birthday Bourbon. This limited edition, vintage-dated expression provides bourbon lovers with a one-of-a-kind flavor profile.

Old Forester's Birthday Bourbon bottles will be available for purchase nationwide at select retailers. In addition, bottles will be available at Old Forester Distillery in Louisville via a national sweepstakes running August 24 through August 31, 2023. The sweepstakes allow consumers nationwide a more equal opportunity to purchase the limited-edition expression. Birthday Bourbon bottles will not be sold at the Old Forester Distillery on September 2.

"Every year, Birthday Bourbon is a unique opportunity for lovers of Old Forester to taste a snapshot of bourbon that was laid down over a decade ago. This year's 12-year-old offering serves up a classic Old Forester profile that honors George Garvin Brown's ongoing legacy," said Old Forester Master Taster Melissa Rift.

Sweepstakes winners will be chosen on September 2, 2023 and bottles will be available for pickup between September 8, 2023 through December 23, 2023.

Details of 2023 Birthday Bourbon

  • 103 barrels, filled May 5, 2011
  • Warehouse I, 5th floor
  • 12 years old
  • 96 Proof

Birthday Bourbon offers unique tasting notes, including:

  • COLOR: Rich aged leather.
  • AROMA: Bright candied citrus and floral overtones give way to rich turbinado sugar and roasted coffee beans as slight cedar and charred oak round out the nose.
  • TASTE: Subtle citrus with heavy notes of dark honey, molasses and charred oak.
  • FINISH: a dry toasty oaked caramel with lingering bittersweet tannins.

The suggested retail price is $169.99. For more information on how to enter the sweepstakes and additional rules and regulations, please visit www.oldforester.com/birthday-bourbon-sweepstakes/.

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