Luxury Italian Menswear Fashion Brand Canali Implements MySize's Naiz Fit Sizing Solution

Release date Apr. 24, 2023, 09:00 am EDT
Airport City, Israel
Luxury Italian Menswear Fashion Brand Canali Implements MySize's Naiz Fit Sizing Solution
CANALI, an official partner applying our sizing solution.

MySize, Inc. (NASDAQ: MYSZ) (TASE: MYSZ.TA) ("MySize" or the "Company"), an omnichannel e-commerce platform and provider of AI-driven measurement solutions to drive revenue growth and reduce costs for its business clients, today announced that Italian luxury menswear brand Canali has gone live with the Naiz Fit sizing solution on its ecommerce stores. Canali customers may now use the Naiz Fit digital tailor to find the perfect fit for their favorite Canali items. MySize will begin generating revenues from the SaaS agreement effective immediately.

Naiz Fit's SaaS technology acts as a digital tailor. Without asking customers to measure themselves, Naiz Fit obtains 20+ body measurements using its proprietary AI and computer vision capabilities by transforming simple images into body measurements. For customers who do not want to use photos, Naiz Fit implements statistical modeling algorithms to determine size and fit based on height, weight, age, gender, and fit preference. Convolutional neural networks enable the company's technology to extract direct body measurements and body morphologies with the highest accuracy.

"Naiz Fit can have a tremendous impact on increasing sales, reducing returns, and further enhancing customer satisfaction for Canali. We are very pleased to implement Naiz Fit with this top luxury European fashion brand," stated MySize CEO and Founder, Ronen Luzon. "With a similar luxury brand, Naiz Fit has made over 112,000 size recommendations to date, leading to a 37% increase in basket value and 800% increase in conversion rate compared to shoppers who did not use Naiz Fit.

"In men's suits the Naiz Fit size recommendation tool is especially accurate, as we can establish a sizing model not only for each type of suit but we are also able to differentiate by fit and drop which is highly recommended when talking about tailoring," stated Borja Cembrero Naiz Fit CEO.

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