Appotronics Released Automobile-Grade Colorful Laser Headlights

Release date Apr. 26, 2023, 02:00 am EDT
Shanghai, China
Appotronics Released Automobile-Grade Colorful Laser Headlights
Appotronics unveils the auto-level laser display and illumination technologies

On April 18, the 20th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition officially opened. Appotronics Corporation Ltd., the laser display Technology Company, independently participated in the exhibition, and released the immersive auto-level laser display and illumination technology and the automobile-grade colored laser headlights. They also presented immersive in-car digital interaction solutions such as exterior window displays, in-car transparent displays, rollable large screen projection, and smart surface displays, showcasing their new concept for the future of intelligent cockpit displays.

Appotronics automobile-grade colored headlights upgraded the traditional digital pixel headlights to be capable of display colorful images, significantly enhancing the interaction capabilities of the headlights. Vice president of Appotronics, Yu Xin, explained: "After using ALPD full-color laser digital headlights, automobiles can achieve human-machine information interaction inside and outside the car in a more eye-catching and vivid way, improving driving and pedestrian safety."

The era of intelligent automobiles has given headlights the potential to display rich personalized features and expand unlimited scene interactions. This has led to the integration of display functions into headlights, allowing headlights to interact more with the driver. There has also been a trend towards integrating lighting and display functions, including road surface projection and pixelated signal lights. Appotronics original and patented ALPD technology can simultaneously meet the requirements from both illumination and display. It has high brightness, strong reliability, and low cost, and can operate stably in high-temperature environments in automobiles.

In addition to the colored laser headlights, Appotronics exhibition car also demonstrated a fully immersive digital experience created using laser display technology that covers both the exterior and interior of the car. Among them, the window external display solution, which was previously showcased on the BMW I Vision Dee concept car at CES 2023, mainly serves as a welcome and human-automobile interaction function. The transparent display solution in the car includes side window displays, in-plane sunroof displays, smart surface displays, etc. Rear passengers can control cabin functions such as air conditioning, travel information settings, driver interactions, and inter- automobile communication through side window displays. There are also projection screens that can be raised or hidden inside the car, which can switch between viewing modes with one click, forming a ubiquitous display throughout the car and achieving more comprehensive human-automobile interaction in the era of intelligent cockpits.

Li Yi, Chairman and CEO of Appotronics, said: "Looking towards the future, we will adopt an open and cooperative attitude, dedicated to developing a healthy ecosystem, actively cooperating with outstanding domestic and foreign automakers, as well as excellent partners upstream and downstream in the supply chain, to empower scenes with technology. At the same time, we are confident in our self-developed technology, which can achieve a leading position and work together with our partners to seek development in the changing times."

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