Sa Sa Elevates Personalized Omnichannel Experience with SAP Emarsys Solutions

Release date Apr. 26, 2023, 03:43 am EDT
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Sa Sa Elevates Personalized Omnichannel Experience with SAP Emarsys Solutions

Sa Sa International Holdings, a leading beauty product retailing group in Asia, is leveraging the SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement platform to deliver a personalized online-merge-offline (OMO) experience that elevates interactions at every stage of customer lifecycle.

Established in 1978, Sa Sa is a market leader that has continuously evolved with the changing needs of its customers. In recent years, it has built infrastructure and processes to bring customers a seamless OMO experience across a network of physical stores in Hong Kong and Macau; and global online platforms (excluding Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau).

SAP Emarsys e-Commerce enables Sa Sa to build on this foundation and pursue a two-pronged approach to customer loyalty that optimizes both acquisition and retention. The solution allows Sa Sa to collect and analyze data from its various consumer demographics and gain real-time visibility into their shopping and buying preferences. These consumer insights enable Sa Sa to curate appropriate online product portfolios and offer the right mix of loyalty programs, such as rewards points and cash-back incentives geared to different customer groups. In addition, the solution helps Sa Sa build strong activation programs, utilizing marketing automation and real-time personalization to create sophisticated insights-driven campaigns that drive real business outcomes.

Sa Sa leverages three key SAP Emarsys e-Commerce modules:

  • Smart Insight: With Emarsys Smart Insight, Sa Sa is able to harness its data to systemically segment customers for intelligent retention marketing. This solution gives Sa Sa detailed insights into a customer's purchase preferences and lifecycle journey, allowing it to automatically offer relevant product promotions at the right time. Thus, Sa Sa can monitor how it is engaging with different segments and ensure it is delivering value to customers and the business.
  • Web Extend: The Emarsys Web Extend data collection solution tracks interactions on and email campaign results. This data is integrated with validated product and sales information so as to optimize customer engagement in accordance with Sa Sa's privacy policy.
  • Email Recommender: Emarsys Email Recommender enhances Sa Sa's email marketing campaigns by adding relevant product images and information to automated messages at scale. Driving customer engagement and response, these recommendations are dynamic. They are rendered in real-time to ensure customers get the most up-to-date, personalized product recommendations — prompting a re-purchase, following up on an abandoned cart, or suggesting best sellers and special offers to tempt browsers to purchase.

"The SAP Emarsys e-Commerce solutions elevate Sa Sa's customer engagement to the next level by offering intuitive and relevant online experiences to our customers," said Hong Li, Director of eCommerce of Sa Sa International Holdings Limited. "Sa Sa thrives on staying close to what our customers expect and thus it is important to have real-time panoramic visibility of customer data at every point in the customer lifecycle journey. With Emarsys, our data analysis capabilities are continuously improving so we can discover the best way to engage, retain and expand our customer base, with data-driven customer programs."

Esmond Tong, Managing Director, SAP Hong Kong, said: "Today's retail environment is complex and competitive, shaped by new technologies and fast-evolving customer behavior and preferences. SAP Emarsys presents a single, integrated platform where customer-centric market leaders like Sa Sa can build, execute and scale real-time marketing campaigns. With Emarsys, Sa Sa is growing its customer lifetime value through omnichannel interactions that are personalized, intelligent and compelling."

Learn more about SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement here or talk with us at +852 2150 2799.

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