imc Test & Measurement Launches New Data Acquisition Softwareimc STUDIO 2023

Release date Apr. 26, 2023, 08:00 am EDT
Berlin, Germany
imc Test & Measurement Launches New Data Acquisition Softwareimc STUDIO 2023
New updated Version of imc STUDIO for complex data acquisition tasks (imc Test & Measurement GmbH)

imc Test & Measurement, a brand of Axiometrix Solutions, announced today the launch of its latest version of imc STUDIO 2023, the comprehensive test and measurement software for the entire measurement process. For test engineers working with imc data acquisition systems and data loggers, this new version boosts usability and efficient workflow for both new and experienced users. The intuitive approach to the software's comprehensive functionalities provides immediate results when setting up and managing DAQ equipment, operating measurements, or complex testing procedures.

Users that are new to imc STUDIO are supported with new wizards and assistants. A guided tour helps to get started and explains the software's features step-by-step. Tutorials for typical applications and a large repository of demo configurations with adaptable practical examples, complement this. Furthermore, imc STUDIO provides new functions for the test of application setups with live simulated data from synthetic or recorded data files.

Workflow improvements in imc STUDIO 2023 include the new summary page, which gives a compact overview of channels, vital parameters, and current live data values. When assigning channels to curve windows or display widgets on the visualization panels, the software intelligently configures the display type, layout, and scaling based on the channel's datatype and measurement range.

imc STUDIO 2023 also integrates comprehensive NVH expertise in combination with an imc WAVE analyzer license. imc WAVE's NVH functions are provided inline and can be executed within any general STUDIO configuration.

Further improvements include the integration of supporting files of any type into experiment configurations and GoProTM camera support. A special edition of the software, imc STUDIO Monitor which suits large monitoring applications and allows live data visualization on multiple PCs, is also available.

Daniel Foerder, Head of imc STUDIO software development summarized: "With the new enhancements, new wizards, and usability improvements, users get a handle on imc STUDIO's extensive features and can take full advantage of its comprehensive functionality."

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