project44 and Nexxiot Join Forces To Digitize Supply Chain Execution Through Sensor and Network Insights

Release date May. 04, 2023, 03:00 am EDT
Zurich, Switzerland
project44 and Nexxiot Join Forces To Digitize Supply Chain Execution Through Sensor and Network Insights
project44 and Nexxiot join forces

project44, the leader in supply chain visibility, and Nexxiot, the leader in Asset Intelligence, today announced a partnership that unlocks new areas of value for joint customers to deliver real-time network insights and IoT-centric conditional and location monitoring.

As logistics innovators, project44 and Nexxiot are substantially expanding their combined capabilities to transform the client experience for shippers and other logistics stakeholders around the globe. This partnership allows customers to integrate conditional and location data with the largest supply chain network in the world. Prior to this partnership, shippers, cargo owners and supply chain participants lacked critical asset intelligence and insight, exposing them to unacceptable risks, lack of visibility and insufficient process control.

This partnership gives joint customers enhanced ETAs using carrier milestones, signals and historical performance with precise GPS tracking. Additionally, project44 and Nexxiot customers now have capabilities to drive advanced risk management strategies on order and inventory health. Finally, joint customers also unlock new use cases to better manage asset efficiency.

"At project44, we strive to provide the most comprehensive supply chain visibility for all of our customers, and combining forces with Nexxiot is a huge step towards that goal," said project44 Founder and CEO Jett McCandless. "This partnership enhances the insights of our Movement platform with essential real-time asset-level tracking, benefitting everyone with the new standard in actionable insights."

This partnership between project44 and Nexxiot adds vital real-time asset-level monitoring to enhance project44's Movement platform by improving data-driven assurances on safety, security and compliance.

"We are focused on supporting our customers with very large operational and service ROI opportunities. The decision by Hapag-Lloyd to go full-fleet with smart containers in record-time has forever changed the industry" said Nexxiot's CEO, Stefan Kalmund. "We are inspired by the leadership position of project44 and together keep pushing forward to create the most accurate and insightful data to the benefit of our joint customers."

Together, project44 and Nexxiot unlock new and innovative features and use cases that create immense value for BCOs globally and deliver unmatched value for the global supply chain marketplace.

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