Hilti uplift quality standard in Post-Installed Reinforcement through Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

Release date May. 05, 2023, 12:45 am EDT
Seoul, South Korea
Hilti uplift quality standard in Post-Installed Reinforcement through Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

As the construction industry faces increasing concerns over the safety of structural fastenings, Hilti, a global leader in innovative and technologically advanced products, systems and services for the construction industry, is committed to partnering with industry for uplifting design safety and installation quality for post-installed reinforcement.

Hilti offers full solution in post installed rebar connection throughout the entire workflow, from design solution to product selection to installation tools and trainings, all designed to contribute high quality of post-installed rebar connections.

Quality end to end solution

According to research from New Civil Engineer, up to 21% of respondents of an industry survey have expressed doubts that concrete fixings are being properly installed on site. Compounded with recent anchor failures resulting in fatalities in Boston and Japan, it is critical to ensure installed as designed. Hilti's rebar solutions help reduce this risk by providing a comprehensive approach to post-installed rebar connections.

Starting with design, Hilti offers all-in-one software for structural connecton design, the cloud-based software PROFIS Engineering makes designing and analyzing structural connections faster and easier than ever. PROFIS Engineering helps users determine variables such as the appropriate products and anchoring systems, while producing detailed reports with latest model building codes and product references for compliance and quality control purposes.

Hilti has also recently supplemented PROFIS Engineering by releasing the new Concrete-to-Concrete design module, which replaces current conventional methods using technical data sheets and excel spreadsheets. This effectively allows designers to use templates to design connections in minutes and process multiple structural analysis simultaneously, reducing the potential for manual input errors and ensuring compliance with building codes.

Optimizing installation as designed

Poorly cleaned holes may lead to connection failure if the chemical mortar is not bonded properly in the drill hole. Hilti safer, faster and more flexible installation system speeds up installation as it drills and removes dust simultaneously. For better installer execution, Hilti offers the rebar installer training services provided by their experienced team of trainers to help ensure that each installation is carried out to the highest possible standard. In addition to professional installation training, Hilti on-site testing service help verify the adherence to the installation instruction and design specification.

"Hilti's suite of rebar solutions is designed to streamline the post-installed rebar process – saving time and resources, improving efficiency, and the safety of structural safety in any given project," said Sam Keung of Hilti Asia Head of Engineering. "Ultimately, our solutions were created to help ensure the quality of our customer's project and to contribute positively to the industry standard."

Evolving with the Industry

With quality and safety as their main driving forces, Hilti is committed to continually meet the evolving needs of the post-installed technology. Through their products and offerings, it is evident that Hilti will find innovative and reliable ways to continually solve the toughest post-installed rebar challenges.

For more information on Hilti's suite of post-installed rebar solutions, including their cloud-based software PROFIS Engineering, anchoring products and services, please visit the Hilti website.

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