Pan Software Launches Next Gen Risk & Safety Software Powered By AI

Release date May. 08, 2023, 04:08 am EDT
Melbourne, Australia
Pan Software Launches Next Gen Risk & Safety Software Powered By AI
Meet SOCRAITES - Your Personal Risk Manager

SOCRAITES, true Artificial Intelligence for the Risk Management industry, is available now

Pan Software is excited to announce the immediate availability of SOCRAITES, true Artificial Intelligence for the Risk Management industry. Pan Software released its next gen Risk Management platform ( at the 2023 Risk Management Institute of Australasia annual conference with AI integration.

The world has evolved to the point where AI technology can now be leveraged to not only gain greater insights into your organisation's risk environment, but used to support people in the work that they do.

"We are extremely excited about the impact this technology will have to help Risk Managers and this is only the beginning." said Allen Zhang, Chief Technology Officer, Pan Software.

SOCRAITES has been developed with a core purpose of supporting your organisation through the risk assessment process, ensuring that the information captured is relevant, consistent and reliable. Through the use of RiskWare and SOCRAITES, leadership can better focus on understanding how the organisation needs to respond to the ever-changing environment, while safe in the knowledge that SOCRAITES will be supporting the broader business through the identification and assessment of its risk environment.

SOCRAITES ensures that RiskWare is capable of supporting even the most complex of organisational environments as it draws on best practice. Not only is SOCRAITES powerful, but it provides end users with a seamless user experience that is both extremely intuitive and insightful, thanks to its human-centered design principles.

SOCRAITES represents a game-changing leap in how risk management software can support organisations in what they do. With SOCRAITES, you can make more informed decisions and take proactive measures to mitigate risks before they become major issues.

Learn more about how our next gen risk and safety software can help. (

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