Canon's "Make it GROW" campaign brings new flagship products to the Middle East

Release date May. 09, 2023, 02:00 am EDT
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Canon's "Make it GROW" campaign brings new flagship products to the Middle East
Canon has announced the launch of its latest flagship products, the Colorado M Series and imagePRESS v 1350, in the Middle East region
  • Colorado M Series and imagePRESS v 1350 to bring unprecedented features and capabilities to the regional printing and design industry
  • "Make it GROW" campaign events in Abu Dhabi and Dubai include product demos and workshops
  • Products will also be showcased at the Saudi Print & Pack 2023 exhibition

Canon, the global leader in imaging solutions, has announced the launch its latest flagship products, the Colorado M Series and imagePRESS v 1350, in the Middle East region. The launch of these cutting-edge printing solutions is part of its "Make it GROW" campaign in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that aims to help customers grow their businesses returns with Canon's product portfolio. The campaign showcases their unprecedented features and capabilities that efficiently meet the needs of commercial printers, designers, print service providers, and photography professionals.

Canon's "Make it GROW" campaign features two product launch events in the UAE. The first was organised at Bab Al Qasr hotel in Abu Dhabi from 1st – 2nd May 2023, and the second is a week-long event at Colab, Dubai Design District, from 8th – 12th May. The Dubai event hosts a special evening gathering on 10th May, exclusively for interior decor designers, and highlights the unique applications of Canon's new products in this market segment.

The Colorado M Series is a game-changer in the large format printing industry, boasting new features such as white ink printing, modular design options, versatility, and upgradability. With the highest productivity in its class, it empowers print service providers to expand their business horizons and explore new applications on various flexible and rigid media.

On the other hand, the imagePRESS v 1350 sets new standards in Canon's production machines range, offering the highest levels of product automation, volume, and quality. This advanced printing solution is designed to meet the demands of high-volume printing environments, providing unmatched productivity and exceptional print quality.

"At Canon, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower our customers to grow their business and achieve success," said Shadi Bakhour, B2B Business Unit Director at Canon Middle East. "Our two new products are prime examples of our dedication to pushing the boundaries of print technology and providing customers with the tools they need to excel. With Canon's new flagship products, customers in the Middle East can expect unparalleled print quality, productivity, and versatility, enabling them to take their businesses to new heights."

Canon's "Make it GROW" events in Abu Dhabi and Dubai provide an opportunity for customers, enthusiasts, and photography professionals to explore new features and applications of its flagship products. Its experts will be available for consultations on optimizing business returns and driving customer engagement with unique, high-quality printouts.

In addition, Canon will showcase the newly launched products at the upcoming Saudi Print & Pack 2023 exhibition, where visitors can learn about the benefits of Canon's latest offerings, explore new features, and receive free consultations on applications and business opportunities from its experts. As a bonus, Canon is offering a promotion with a chance to win a fully paid trip to Saudi Arabia to attend the Saudi Print & Pack 2023 exhibition.

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