Friends Adult Diapers launches India's first extra-thin Absorbent Disposable Underpant - UltraThinz

Release date May. 10, 2023, 01:50 am EDT
Mumbai, India
Friends Adult Diapers launches India's first extra-thin Absorbent Disposable Underpant - UltraThinz
Kamal Kumar Johari, Founder & MD, Nobel Hygiene with Friends UltraThinz

India's No 1 adult diaper brand, Friends, the flagship brand of Indian diapering giant Nobel Hygiene Pvt Ltd, has launched the country's first 'slim' disposable absorbent underpant - Friends UltraThinz. This new product is designed specifically for younger consumers who suffer from light incontinence due to conditions such as obesity, prostate issues, and postpartum incontinence. It is also effective for heavy blood flow post-pregnancy, menopause, and endometriosis.

Friends UltraThinz comes in two separate variants - a peach-coloured dry pant for women and a grey-coloured dry pant for men. This is the first Indian brand to acknowledge that men and women's bodies and the types of incontinence they face are different, and require differentiated solutions.

The need for a thin diaper

The R&D Team at Friends observed that the age of incidence of incontinence is decreasing, with younger customers facing milder forms of incontinence. These customers shy away from using 'bulky' diapers that may show up under their clothing. Therefore, Friends developed a sleeker, more-functional product that is absorbent, disposable, and provides an invisible, 'bulge-free' fit under even the tightest clothing.

This along with the pack's bold, category-breaking packaging in black and fluorescents helps rebrand the dry pant itself, and make it more relatable for 30+ users.

Apart from the sleeker design, UltraThinz retains the high-quality absorption mechanism, comfortable cottony fit, and anti-bacterial and odour-lock properties that its parent brand is known for. It is available in three different sizes - Medium, Large, and X-Large, priced at INR 399 onwards.

The black and lavender, and black and neon packs were launched by Nobel Hygiene's 1000-strong sales team pan-India and are available in chemists, supermarkets, and ladies' specialty stores.

While commenting on the launch of the new variant Kamal Kumar Johari, MD and Founder, Nobel Hygiene, said, "We have been making diapers for 20+ years. In the last decade we have observed that the age of incidence of issues such as diabetes and prostate cancer is coming down. Diapers can no longer be bulky products used by 70+ immobile seniors. A fresher, younger product is needed. As the market leader in the adult diaper category in India, it is our duty to lead the way. Which is why, UltraThinz: an absorbent, disposable replacement to the conventional underwear."

A part of the proceeds from each pack of UltraThinz bought will be donated to Agewell Foundation, the brand's CSR partner.

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