Anycubic Unveils Two Game-Changing 3D Printers: Photon Mono M5s and Kobra 2

Release date May. 11, 2023, 06:12 am EDT
Shenzhen, China
Anycubic Unveils Two Game-Changing 3D Printers: Photon Mono M5s and Kobra 2
12K Photon Mono M5s and Speedy Kobra 2

Anycubic, a well-known 3D printer manufacturer, will launch two brand new products soon - the first leveling-free LCD printer Photon Mono M5s and a high-speed FDM printer Kobra 2.

Anycubic has come up with new solutions to address users' pain points of the two most widely used types of printers. For LCD printers, Anycubic will launch the first consumer-grade resin printer with a leveling-free feature to further enhance the ease of use for users while pursuing the ultimate accuracy. For FDM printers, Anycubic will launch a high-speed entry-level printer that guarantees high-speed printing while being universally accessible in terms of price.

Photon Mono M5s - Print Like A Master

Photon Mono M5s brings a resolution of 12K in a 10.1-inch monochrome LCD screen. This superior ultra-high resolution screen allows perfectionists to print models of details at a microscope level of 19μm. From the globally anticipated Photon Mono X to the Photon Mono M5s, Anycubic is dedicated to advancing printing technologies to endow 3D creators with top-of-the-range results.

Photon Mono M5s is the first desktop consumer resin 3D printer with a leveling-free solution. The leveling-free solution leaves makers with leveling adjustment hassle-free. Combined with the application of Anycubic's 3rd Gen high-speed release film, the printing success rate is also noticeably raised.

Anycubic proposes a printing scheme that boosts printing efficiency by three times to an average speed of 105mm/h, saving up to 74% printing time.

Kobra 2 - Print Fast, Pay Less

Kobra 2 is Anycubic's fastest printer of its line. With a default speed of 150mm/s and a maximum of 250mm/s, Kobra 2 is 5X faster than most commonly seen beginner FDM printers in the market. Kobra 2 reduces print time drastically by up to 70%. Most beginner FDM printers print at 50mm/s, and a 3Dbenchy will take up to 110 minutes; while Kobra 2 only needs 30 minutes to get the work done.

"At Anycubic, we strive to provide our community with the best 3D printing products and technology while keeping in mind a good balance between practical functionalities and cost. Bringing the cost down and making 3d printing technology accessible to most families is the goal of our business," said James Ouyang, Vice President of Anycubic.

Kobra 2 incorporates the widely-lauded direct extruder with a new dynamic mechanic structure, an upgraded cooling system, and a double Z-axis threaded rod design, ensuring a successful printing experience beyond just being fast.

With Anycubic's 2.0 LeviQ leveling system and the smart Z-offset, 3D creators can enjoy seamless printing.

Photon Mono M5s and Kobra 2 will officially launch on May 15. There will also be a live stream on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok at 9:00 AM EDT on May 15, 2023. Please visit for more information.

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