CABN launches rapid and sustainable technology to tackle housing and climate crises

Release date May. 11, 2023, 08:03 am EDT
Toronto, Canada
CABN launches rapid and sustainable technology to tackle housing and climate crises
Rendering of CABN’s 67 home planned community (Courtesy of B+H Architects or CABN) (CNW Group/CABN)

Today, Canadian housing technology company CABN has unveiled a first-of-its-kind, 752 sq ft showhome, one of four models that can be assembled in days, finished in weeks, while using 20% the energy of a traditional home. The showhome, located in Eastern Ontario, comes as CABN announces its consultation with Augusta Township to create a 67-unit off-grid, net-zero CABN Community.

"At CABN, we recognized the need for housing outstrips the traditional model's ability to produce – rising issues, such as skilled labour shortages and supply chain upheavals, forced us to rethink both the solutions and the problem of housing," shares Jackson Wyatt, CABN founder and CEO.

"To us, this means solving problems exponentially, rather than linearly, introducing a networked model of sustainable, net-zero homes that can create communities across North America through the application of rapid, prefabricated building strategies," Wyatt explains.

Wyatt, a serial sustainability entrepreneur, previously founded the Dragons' Den-approved company Greenlid, which developed compostable alternatives to single-use plastics. Wyatt leveraged this environmental passion and advanced manufacturing expertise into CABN's innovative solutions to the housing crisis.

CABN has applied its patent-pending Energy Informed Design strategy to create a lineup of sustainable and attainable homes. Using prefabricated components, the 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-bedroom models set a precedent for how future residences could be designed and rapidly built to be energy-efficient and affordable.

Founded on the belief that homes can be reimagined to be all-encompassing – aesthetically beautiful, environmentally sustainable, and financially attainable – CABN is a true innovation in building design that delivers net-zero homes for the connected, conscious consumer.

CABN has a keen eye towards government housing goals, with CABN COO, Alex Kelly, sharing that, "The only way to meet targets set by the current administrations is to approach housing with a whole system approach. Seeking answers in individual homes isn't enough– we are proposing the introduction of scalable communities to make a real change in housing supply. Our units can positively impact issues of climate change, population increases, ageing infrastructure, and skilled labour shortages."

CABN's prefabricated homes are performance-optimized to maintain constant comfort during any climate due to their unique building design, which includes solar panels on roof overhangs along with solar shading systems that prevent extreme fluctuations and help control energy consumption rates all year round.

CABN worked with global design firm B+H Architects to pair these features with a biomimetic approach to community planning, integrating natural elements into the design of the community to optimize health and happiness while leveraging key learnings from the natural environment.

B+H's Director of Biomimicry, Jamie Miller, states that, "With biomimicry, we are moving beyond the long-standing separation of 'human' versus 'natural' systems and instead recognizing that humans are a core part of our natural environment. Our work with CABN has been led by nature, with the collective understanding that true sustainability is achieved when the built environment works in harmony with the natural one."

CABNs are available as solutions for individual consumers and community developments, offering both on- and off-grid solutions. Optimized design elements, such as roof slope and window placement, work in concert with orientation to the sun to create a highly sustainable living experience. Using FSC-certified cross-laminated timber as a chief building component, CABN's environmental ethos is evident in both the building's structure and interior design.

Interiors in CABNs are just as sustainable and environmentally friendly as the building itself, featuring elements such as smart home technology, energy-efficient mechanical systems, and renewable cork flooring. CABN has partnered with Canadian interior retailer, EQ3, for the showhome, furnishing the first CABN with a selection of their timeless pieces and unique designs.

EQ3 shares, "We've partnered with CABN because we are inspired by brands who are dedicated to pushing the industry forward toward environmental responsibility, investing in innovative processes to ensure a lighter footprint for our planet and inspiring others to do the same."

The CABN showhome is now open to the public for viewings. For more information, and to book a tour, visit

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