Moomoo Expands Into Malaysia Following Success In Singapore

Release date May. 16, 2023, 07:36 am EDT
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Moomoo Expands Into Malaysia Following Success In Singapore
Moomoo sets to drive the start of new investing era with its powerful investment platform in Malaysia. (Futu Holdings Limited)

Futu Holdings Limited (the "Company", Nasdaq: FUTU) today announces its expansion into Malaysia with its super investment platform, moomoo, introducing a comprehensive suite of tech-driven offerings to promote financial inclusion. Through inclusive finance, Malaysia investors will enjoy lifelong access to a holistic suite of self-help educational resources, free-for-all market data and a supportive global community to unlock more opportunities.

Says Robin Xu, Senior Partner and Senior Vice President, Futu Holdings Limited: "We're proud and excited to bring our one-stop platform, moomoo to Malaysia, the second SEA launch. Our world-class research and development capabilities and long-standing business success in serving over 20 million users worldwide allow us to provide better tech-driven solutions to the market, enabling everyone to be equipped with the necessary access, tools and knowledge to make informed decisions along the investment journey."

A New Era of Investment With Financial Technology

The Company's wholly-owned Malaysian subsidiary has recently received the Approval-In-Principle ("AIP") for the Capital Markets Services License ("CMSL") from the Securities Commission Malaysia ("SC"), marking a giant leap in its Southeast Asia business expansion plans. Attaining the AIP from the SC further reinforces the Company's overall mission and vision to make investing easy and accessible to both investors and stakeholders.

He adds: "We are thrilled to have been granted the AIP from the SC, as it is a validation of our mission and vision to make investing more convenient and accessible to investors worldwide. Following our success in Singapore and other APAC markets, we are well-equipped to bring our international know-hows in transforming the digitised investment landscape in Malaysia. With its 32.7 million[1] well-structured population, business-friendly environment, educated talent pool and high digital literacy levels, the country will serve as a catalyst for growth. The Company values Malaysia as a strategic location to roll out its cutting-edge super investment platform."

Empowering Malaysians To Unlock More Opportunities

Education is the cornerstone for lifelong learning and personal development. Designed to empower retail investors of all levels to uncover opportunities that are exclusive to the investment platform, moomoo is packed with highly intuitive tools, features and functions. With moomoo, retail investors are encouraged to also adopt a self-directed learning approach to securities and derivatives trading. This will be the first such financial literacy solution to roll out in Malaysia by a global technology company that believes in making investing right at the fingertips via digitalisation.

Fostering A Synergistic Ecosystem Upon The Nation's Digitalisation Trends

With its global presence and know-how in providing digitised investment services across major markets, the Company sees its unique digitised ecosystem that aggregates 20 million investors worldwide would promote financial inclusion in Malaysia, and has a positive effect on driving the industry forward. By fostering a synergistic ecosystem with thousands of public companies, fund houses, media, and market practitioners, the moo community would be a winning strategy for the new market and a pathway to business success.

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[1]. Ministry of Economy, Department of Statistics, Malaysia, accessed 16 May 2023,,growth%20rate%20of%200.2%20percent

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