Wow Bao Mints Unique NFT-Based Digital Collectibles, Launching web3 Loyalty Program

Release date May. 18, 2023, 08:00 am EDT
Chicago, IL, United States
Wow Bao Mints Unique NFT-Based Digital Collectibles, Launching web3 Loyalty Program
Wow Bao Digital CollectaBao

Wow Bao, the leading fast-casual Asian concept, will expand its web3 strategy with the minting of exclusive Digital CollectaBaos. The NFT-based collectibles will enhance its existing points-based Bao Bucks program and be accessible to all customers, regardless of their familiarity with cryptocurrencies.

Wow Bao commissioned NFT artist, MANOVERMARS, aka MoM, to create the edgy, one-of-a-kind digital imprints. MoM is a full-time freelance artist who has worked with web2 brands like Macy's, Visa, and Specialized, as well as web3 brands like 3Landers, Ben Mezrich, Froggy Friends, and many others.

"Wow Bao has always been a pioneer in enhancing the dining experience with technology, forging a path for today's innovations to become mainstream, " said Geoff Alexander, President & CEO of Wow Bao. "By creating a digital collectible club, Wow Bao is leveling up the everyday loyalty program, and welcoming all diners to the future."

In November, Wow Bao laid out its phased web3 strategy, beginning with the NFT-based collectibles, and the eventual launch of metaverse vending machines. Their entry into this technology is a clear demonstration of the real-world utility of digital collectibles.

Built on the Polygon network, this choice of blockchain offers exceptional reliability, minimal friction, and an eco-friendly approach. Wow Bao has gone the extra mile to ensure that even non-crypto-savvy customers can easily engage with this seamless web3 experience. Details of how to become an exclusive member can be found at the new Hot Buns Club landing page.

Wow Bao's entrance into the digital collectible space cements its commitment to continually exploring leading innovative technology and finding unique ways to reach new diners. By engaging customers in new ways, the company continues to drive engagement and loyalty. It follows its early use of self-ordering kiosks in 2010, a fully automated front-of-house animated cubby experience in 2017, and, since 2020, the unprecedented growth of over 700 locations through their virtual dark kitchen program.

Customers have an initial opportunity to purchase these lively digital CollectaBaos from a first course minting, gaining access to Wow Bao's cheeky yet chic Hot Buns Club. Club benefits include 10% off orders, 10% off Wow Bao merchandise, double Bao Bucks points, and chances to win additional CollectaBaos, free meals, and more. Additional courses, or mintings, of future CollectaBaos will offer more benefits and perks.

While Wow Bao has chosen Devour as its web3 ordering partner, Wow Bao is also partnering with Flaunt to both mint its Digital CollectaBaos and to integrate the program with its existing Bao Bucks Rewards program that is powered by Paytronix.

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