Economic Impact Catalyst (EIC) Announces 5-Years in Business and Grand Opening of New Headquarters in Clearwater, FL

Release date May. 18, 2023, 08:07 am EDT
Clearwater, FL, United States
Economic Impact Catalyst (EIC) Announces 5-Years in Business and Grand Opening of New Headquarters in Clearwater, FL
Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting with CEO of EIC David Ponraj and City of Clearwater Mayor Brian Aungst, along with SVP of EIC McKenzie Dial Fritscher and Cherisse Ponraj.

Economic Impact Catalyst (EIC), the Florida-based technology and market research firm for entrepreneurship-led economic development, announces its 5-year anniversary and grand opening of their new headquarters in Clearwater, Florida with continued expansion in-the-works.

CEO, David Ponraj founded Economic Impact Catalyst (initially called Startup Space) in 2018. Ponraj is a South Asian, first generation, American immigrant and entrepreneur who wanted to make it easier for other founders to start businesses. The company went through a rebrand in 202 – from Startup Space, LLC to Economic Impact Catalyst (EIC – as the company and scope of services grew beyond just the Startup Space technology platform to provide data analytics, impact reporting, and economic development strategy.

EIC has grown steadily in five years, and works with economic development organizations, innovation centers, and community builders around the globe by providing a fully customizable SaaS platform with integrated tools and connectivity to exclusively manage entrepreneurship programs and ecosystems. Powered by a passionate Client Experience team and a Data Center of Excellence, EIC provides consultative services, market research, and impact reporting to further empower their clients to catalyze and celebrate small business growth in their communities.

EIC currently works with over 100 economic development entities across the US in 27 states and internationally – diverse geographies, rural regions and urban centers use the technology solution to help entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities build wealth, autonomy, and improve outcomes for their communities. The platform has over 30,000 users.

EIC's clients' projects are backed by leading foundations like Kellogg (WKKF), Bush, Knight, Gates, Kresge, and state governments like California, Minnesota, Nevada, Iowa, and Michigan.

As EIC looks to the future, the company remains committed to providing best-in-class, technology-enabled solutions that drive entrepreneurship-led economic development. With a growing portfolio of tools and solutions, EIC will continue to empower entrepreneurs, support economic development organizations, and foster the growth of prosperous communities.

"When I started this business 5 years ago, I had a singular vision to help make starting a business easier in my community. Today, we have helped thousands of businesses start and grow globally by breaking down the very barriers that I faced as an immigrant, first-time founder a decade ago. We look forward to continuing this important work in helping entrepreneurs start and create generational wealth for their families and communities." - David Ponraj, Founder & CEO

"As we celebrate our 5-year anniversary, I can't help but feel overwhelmed with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Experiencing the early days of uncertainty as EIC's first employee to present day, now with 25 employees across 7 states, we have grown to become a well-recognized player in the industry. The growth of our company is a testament to the hard work and dedication of each and every member of our team." - McKenzie Dial-Fritscher, SVP of Operations

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