AdTech Holding Soars into Deloitte's Top 50 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies in Middle East & Cyprus

Release date May. 18, 2023, 08:32 am EDT
Limassol, Cyprus
AdTech Holding Soars into Deloitte's Top 50 Fastest-Growing Tech Companies in Middle East & Cyprus
AdTech Holding

AdTech Holding, a global advertising and marketing technology leader, has proudly earned a spot in Deloitte's prestigious Technology Fast 50 program, ranking among the top 50 fastest-growing tech companies in the Middle East and Cyprus. This incredible accomplishment highlights the company's unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in the media and entertainment technology sector.

About AdTech Holding: Pioneering Technologies for the Global MarTech Industry

Trailblazing the AdTech and MarTech industries since its inception in 2011, AdTech Holding has brought multiple innovative products to market, boasting a diverse portfolio of companies, including Notix, PropellerAds, Zeydoo,, and Adex.

Powered by a drive to deliver pioneering solutions using advanced AI, data science, and expert systems built by world-class talent, the company is committed to leading the industry in the Middle East and Cyprus, while satisfying its clients, partners and peers.

Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 Program: Recognizing the Fastest-Growing Tech Companies

Deloitte's program celebrates and recognizes the fastest-growing technology companies headquartered in the Middle East and Cyprus, based on their revenue growth over the last four years.

To be considered for this esteemed ranking, companies must meet a set of stringent criteria, including generating a significant portion of their operating revenue from the sale of proprietary technology or technology-related products.

Success in Middle East and Cyprus in the Face of Challenge

Despite the many challenges faced through 2021 and 2022 – supply chain disruptions, rising inflation, and increasing energy prices – the Middle East and Cyprus remained flexible, resilient and adaptive. Cyprus, in particular, has emerged as an upcoming tech innovation hub, with over 446 startups and scale-ups calling the country home in 2022 alone.

AdTech Holding: Paving the Way for Entertainment & Media Technology in Cyprus

AdTech Holding's recognition as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the Middle East and Cyprus is particularly noteworthy, as it is leading the way for Cyprus' emerging tech companies to follow.

Alexander Vasekin, CEO of AdTech Holding, expressed his pride and gratitude for the company's recognition in Deloitte's Fast 50 list:

"We are honored to be recognized among the fastest-growing tech companies in the Middle East and Cyprus. This achievement is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of our incredible team. As we continue to innovate and grow, we are opening a new headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus. AdTech Holding is making a long-term investment in our business and the future of Cyprus while ensuring that we operate in a world-class environment. This brings us a big step closer to our goal of becoming the global leader in adtech."

The Future of AdTech Holding and the MarTech Industry

As the company continues to break new ground in the MarTech sector, it sets the stage for further advancements in the industry. AdTech Holding's success story serves as an inspiration for other tech companies in the Middle East, Cyprus, and beyond.

With a strong global presence and an unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of the MarTech industry, AdTech Holding will continue to lead the way in technology, driving growth and success for years to come.

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