Release date May. 18, 2023, 10:09 am EDT
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Tapping into the vast potential of artificial intelligence, data-based brand accelerator Neon Flux is launching Modern.AI. Available to the public this year, Modern.AI is one of the first AI tools designed specifically for e-commerce. The software automates virtually every aspect of the online sales process, and generates custom content, to make e-commerce companies streamlined and more profitable.

"Without a doubt, artificial intelligence will totally upend the way we approach online selling. E-commerce brands that do not begin to incorporate artificial intelligence in their processes will soon be left behind," shares Adam Wellington, Founder and CEO of Neon Flux. "Digital marketing has evolved numerous times since I first started out more than 15 years ago, and I've always been a futurist, constantly seeking out the next big thing to transform the industry. Advancements in artificial intelligence over the past few years have made it the ultimate tool for predicting customer behavior and optimizing customer conversions, all while saving brands time and money."

A new type of buyer has emerged, as modern technology has shifted customer expectations. Brands can and should create a seamless, omnichannel experience for customers, and a constant online availability for products offered, so that customers get what they want, exactly when they want it.

Noting artificial intelligence's potential to automate the majority of the online selling process for this non-stop demand, Neon Flux set out to design a software which not only helps reduce time and cost associated with creating an integrated customer experience, but it also minimizes effort and manual errors.

Modern.AI is one of the only artificial intelligence tools currently available that combines generative AI, classification AI, and optimization AI to help businesses with every aspect of an omnichannel customer experience. The tool can classify the consumer, optimize how they move through pieces of an online brand, and create content that appeals to them, all with minimal manpower. It maximizes profitability across various direct-to-consumer verticals, including advertising, price testing, web design and customer segmentation.

AI Website Optimization and Cross-Channel Integration
There is more opportunity than ever in the digital advertising space, but this success has become much more complicated to achieve. Modern.AI allows brands to optimize online advertising, as one of the first artificial intelligence tools that uses multivariate AI testing to generate customized landing pages for each consumer.

When a potential customer clicks on an advertisement, a brand can use Modern.AI to create a landing page that incorporates facts about the user - such as location and age - to generate copy, fonts and images designed to encourage them to make the purchase. The tool also simultaneously uses AI to track which of these custom ads are performing the best.

In order to optimize the ad experience, and ensure brands are getting the most out of their advertising dollars, Modern.AI utilizes artificial intelligence to connect directly with ad networks. It determines which offer the highest and lowest conversion rates, and bypasses the need for third-party partners or sites.

With the use of ChatGPT, Modern.AI provides copy suggestions for product descriptions, calls to action and more, based on language that performs well. Subscription services can customize every aspect of a subscription, from the frequency of deliveries to the specific products or services customers receive. Modern.AI helps brands make smart marketing decisions through automated price sensitivity testing and sales funnel statistics. For smaller businesses, Modern.AI also allows brands to create fully-functioning e-commerce websites without any coding knowledge.

The Future of AI for E-Commerce
Modern.AI will soon be able to offer automated customer segmentation and gather data about consumers - such as demographic information, purchase history, website behavior and other relevant factors - so that its users can have a completely customized experience.

"Digital transformation can be nearly apocalyptic for many large companies, let alone small businesses. I have seen time and time again where high level CEOs of nine-to-10-figure companies are steering a massive ship and can't turn nimbly enough, or their team is not up to the challenge of innovating fast enough to stay ahead of the curve," Wellington continues. "Neon Flux's goal with Modern.AI is to provide the ultimate assistant for your business to flourish, with a system that simplifies processes, optimizes customer experience and maximizes results to enable e-commerce brands to scale exponentially at record rates."

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