Global Private Label Matchmaking Leader, 3B Private Label Portal, Rolls Out Major Upgrades

Release date May. 19, 2023, 04:42 am EDT
Andernach, Germany
Global Private Label Matchmaking Leader, 3B Private Label Portal, Rolls Out Major Upgrades
3B Private Label Portal will also host a number of virtual launch events starting June 13th

3B Private Label Portal, located in Andernach, Germany, has launched an impressive new website and portal. Their online platform aims to connect manufacturers and customers in the private label industry. The recent upgrades provide a more user-friendly experience, meant to foster innovation and collaboration.

3B PLP's decision to relaunch the platform was inspired by one, major goal: to simplify the process for private label professionals. As a result, they spent several months building a new online experience. Major changes consisted of improved navigation, and new, user-friendly features on their website.

When commenting about the launch, founder and CEO, Marc Buchholz, had this to say:

"We realized that our former concept was not digital enough." He explained, "With our relaunch, we made a completely new sales channel, more effective than anything done before."

"For those who buy a subscription, we create an even larger digital footprint through SEM and SEO." He continued, "Our services decrease search time, and increase match likelihood by 20%. And at a lower cost too."

One feature 3B PLP was especially proud of was their marketplace. The revamped marketplace, featured on their website, provides seamless transactions between manufacturers and customers. Manufacturers can showcase their private label products, while customers can explore and evaluate their options.

Registration to the site has also been improved, making it easier than ever to join the 3B PLP community. Joining offers private label customers and manufacturers access to a global pool of potential partners, and subscribing provides even more opportunities.

When clients subscribe, they get additional options other users don't have. These subscriptions include extra promotion. The company markets clients requests and products on social media and Google. How much so depends on the subscription level.

But the overall goal of 3B PLP has always been to positively change the private label and white label industry. From the start they created a business model never seen before within this space.

"The possibilities are endless," said Buchholz, "and the impact will be substantial".

3B PLP supports manufacturers with a dedicated sales team, in addition to marketing. That team qualifies potential matches, ensuring alignment with both parties' needs. This saves time and effort, allowing clients to focus on core business. Because the sales team is made of private label experts, their clients can feel secure in their results.

Their business model aims to redefine private label and white label, bringing it deeper into a B2B e-commerce landscape. With 3B PLP as a trusted partner, private label and white label more accessible and rewarding than ever before.

Discover the never-before-seen potential of 3B PLP. To explore a world of possibilities in private label and white label through this new launch, visit

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