Northwest China's Xining: a modern, beautiful and happy city worth global spotlight

Release date May. 24, 2023, 03:41 am EDT
Shanghai, China
Northwest China's Xining: a modern, beautiful and happy city worth global spotlight
A bird's eye view of Xining City

During the Exposition on China Brand 2023 held in Shanghai in May, northwest Chinese province Qinghai's capital city Xining gained much spotlight with a series of approaches such as city promotion, online and offline exhibition, and visits to enterprises, which fully displayed the fresh achievements and new image of Qinghai's brand development, expanded the province's brand awareness and influence, and further promoted Xining to the world.

Located in northwest China and east Qinghai, Xining is a backbone of the national ecological security barrier, an important economic growth pole in northwest China, and one of the country's happiest cities.

A modern city is gaining speed in its rise on the Tibetan Plateau. Xining is accelerating the cultivation of three billion-yuan-level industrial clusters of photovoltaic manufacturing, lithium energy storage, special chemical and alloy new materials. Efforts are also being made to nurture digital economy, electronic information materials, hydrogen energy industry to accelerate the development of a modern industrial system with local characteristics, according to Xining Municipal Development & Reform Commission.

Xining is also on the way to become an impressive ecological city with blue sky and clear water. The city prioritizes ecological protection and gives full play to its comparative advantages to promote the high-quality development of economy and society and gather momentum for long-term development. At the expo, Xining showcased its role and charm as a model highland city in ecological civilization to Shanghai, the rest of the country and the whole world.

Xining is livable and suitable for businesses, making it a happy city. In late 2022, Xining again made it into the list of China's happiest cities. The city is building an open platform, accelerating the development of foreign trade channels, and optimizing the service environment, making it one of the cities with the fastest business convenience improvement across China. The unique cultural environment, beautiful living environment and good business environment make Xining a happy city.

The active interactions between Xining located at the Sanjiangyuan area which contains the headwaters of China's three major rivers and Shanghai at the lower reaches of the Yangtze River have introduced Qinghai brands to Shanghai, the whole country and the world, injecting strong momentum into Qinghai's high-quality development.

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