YAYO Corporation Dominates Canto Chain and Announces Ethereum Bridge for YAYO NFTs

Release date May. 24, 2023, 02:18 pm EDT
Miami, FL, United States
YAYO Corporation Dominates Canto Chain and Announces Ethereum Bridge for YAYO NFTs
The YAYO Man is an archetype representing various facets of masculinity, culture, industry, and themes within both fiction and history that molds the minds and hearts of young men across the world.

YAYO Corporation, a subsidiary of the distinguished Remilia Corporation, is thrilled to announce its game-changing decision to launch an Ethereum bridge for the YAYO NFT. This grand event is being held exactly 2 years since YAYO Corporation first debuted by raising $600,000 for the $YAYO Coin ILO in May 2021. This bridge comes after a remarkable display of market dominance on Canto's native marketplace, Alto, where YAYO NFTs have significantly outperformed all other assets.

The YAYO NFT initially launched on the Canto chain for a mint price of 250 $CANTO, approximately $100 USD. After successfully minting out in mid-April, YAYO proceeded to completely outperform every other NFT project on the Canto ecosystem, exceeding the marketcap and floor price of Canto's premiere official project "Canto Longnecks" and consistently topping the 24-hour volume rankings every single day. Most recently, the YAYO NFT shot past the 10,000 $CANTO floor mark, achieving a 4,000% return on the mint price and placing it in the number one slot as the highest performing Canto NFT of all time, exceeding every other project in price, volume, and unique owners of all-time.

Despite initial lower-than-expected support on Canto, YAYO NFT's success story is a testament to its inherent value and powerful design. The collection of 4000 figures, complete with vehicles, weapons, outfits, and backgrounds, carries meticulously accurate metadata labels mirroring real-world brands, makes, and models. The artistry, citation depth, and tasteful design make YAYO NFTs a prized asset for collectors and enthusiasts.

After successfully reaching the number one spot on Canto and hitting every milestone the YAYO Corporation set out to achieve, they are now launching their planned Ethereum bridge on the two-year anniversary of their initial launch to find bigger fish to fry, in a one-way opt-in process which is set to further enhance YAYO's presence and value in the wider NFT ecosystem.

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