Autonomous driving: MOIA counts on Apex.AI software for Passenger Management Development

Release date May. 25, 2023, 03:02 am EDT
Hamburg, Germany
Autonomous driving: MOIA counts on Apex.AI software for Passenger Management Development
Pictured left to right: Jan Becker, CEO of Apex.AI, and Sascha Meyer, CEO of MOIA.

On the path to a safe, autonomous future, MOIA relies on the expertise of software manufacturer Apex.AI. The ridepooling company is using Apex.AI's operating system to develop its proprietary passenger management system for the autonomous-driving ID. Buzz AD ready for the market. MOIA will gain access to cutting-edge technology that will enable the company to automate much of its passenger interaction digitally. Since 2021, MOIA has been developing and testing an autonomous ridepooling service in Hamburg together with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, which is to be available for public use after 2025.

  • Sophisticated passenger management is a key prerequisite for autonomous mobility service
  • MOIA is using Apex.AI's operating system for the market-ready development of the Passenger Management System for the autonomous-driving ID. Buzz AD
  • Collaboration strengthens agile software development in both companies

The proprietary passenger management system carries out what are known as the ancillary driver activities of an autonomous mobility service. It is deeply integrated into the vehicle and, among other things, accesses the vehicle's interior safety monitoring system, takes over the opening and closing of the doors or, if necessary, controls the various auxiliary functions in the vehicle interior, which ensure comfortable and safe use for all passengers at all times.

"The acceptance of autonomous ridepooling depends to a large extent on whether people trust such a service in every situation. A high-performance passenger management system is a key prerequisite for using intelligent, self-driving vehicles to establish a mobility service that our passengers can rely on. The development of our passenger management system using Apex.AI's middleware is the ideal basis for this," says Sascha Meyer, CEO of MOIA.

"We founded Apex.AI with the goal of establishing operating software for the autonomous era. The partnership with MOIA is a win-win: The operating system consisting of Apex.Grace and Apex.Ida is the perfect base for MOIA's passenger management systems use cases. Both companies are working closely together to develop the product directly in agile software teams. We are excited to enable smart mobility services such as autonomous ridepooling in the future through our cooperation with MOIA," says Jan Becker, CEO of Apex.AI.

The US company with German roots specializes in the development of operating systems for autonomous vehicles and has extensive knowledge in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence. MOIA also benefits from this experience in its own software development, among other things. The agile and iterative software development kit (SDK) from Apex.AI enables MOIA to significantly increase the speed of development of its own software solution for passenger management.

The partnership pays towards MOIA's goal of working with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) to develop Europe's first type-certified AD-MaaS system and successfully launch an integrated autonomous, scalable ridepooling system on the road in Hamburg after 2025.

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