Streemfire´s Duck Hunting TV rated as the top hunting channel on ROKU

Release date Jun. 01, 2023, 07:12 am EDT
Vienna, Austria
Streemfire´s Duck Hunting TV rated as the top hunting channel on ROKU
Figure 1 Top Rated Hunting Channels on ROKU

Duck Hunting TV has been ranked as the top-rated hunting channel on ROKU, according to user reviews. In a recent study of hunting channels on ROKU, Streemfire´s Duck Hunting TV has secured the highest average user rating with 4.2 out of 5 starts, placing it at the forefront of the platform´s hunting offerings.

The comprehensive evaluation included all hunting-related channels on ROKU that had attracted a minimum of 100 user reviews. Besides of Duck Hunting TV (4.2), other top-rated hunting channels on ROKU include Carbon TV (4.0), Bowhunting(.)com (4.0) FoxPro Hunting TV (3.9), and Waypoint TV (3.7).

"What makes Duck Hunting TV such a unique offering is it´s close collaboration with the waterfowl community" remarks Niklas Trenkler, CEO of Streemfire. "Providing relevant content to our audience and engaging with them on a personal level is what sets us apart from competitors".

Duck Hunting TV is the leading free TV channel for everything related to the duck hunting and waterfowl sport. The channel works closely with the waterfowl community to bring relevant content to the TV screen. It provides several 24/7 linear TV streams as well as a library of VoD assets for the duck hunting community.

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