Rockwell Automation Features Executive Customers and Partners in New Thought Leadership Video Series

Release date Jun. 05, 2023, 02:00 am EDT
Brussels, Belgium
Rockwell Automation Features Executive Customers and Partners in New Thought Leadership Video Series
Dr. Hans-Peter Mertens, CEO, The Packaging Group (center), and Tom O'Reilly, global vice president, Sustainability, Rockwell Automation (right), discuss how collaboration can drive more sustainable packaging solutions during an interview with Stan Miller, head of public and analyst relations for Rockwell in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Rockwell Automation, Inc. (NYSE: ROK), the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation, today announced the release of more than 70 video interviews with manufacturing industry leaders. The videos are part of the company's ROKStudios video program, highlighting trends in digital transformation, IIoT, cloud, MES, sustainability, augmented reality, industrial security and workforce.

The interviews recorded with customers include:

  • Prabhu Badrinathen, CEO, Falcon Group, and Srikrishna Ganesan, CEO, Al Ghandi Electrical & Automation, both in the UAE, explain how collaboration can be a tool for future-proofing businesses.
  • Riccardo Cavanna, Chairman of Cavanna Packaging Group, shares how digitalization helps humans and machine work effectively together.
  • Vicente Centelles Forner, of Greene Enterprises, in Spain, describes how controlling critical processes generates sustainability gains.
  • Etienne Fellay, IT Director Automotive Structures & Asia, Constellium details why standardizing systems produces more valuable data.
  • Rogelio Demay, Senior Manager IT Manufacturing at BIC, discusses the implementation of the Plex MES solution at BIC, and how it has benefited the company.
  • Dr. Hans-Peter Mertens, CEO, The Packaging Group, and Tom O'Reilly, Global Vice President, Sustainability, Rockwell, discuss how collaboration can drive more sustainable packaging solutions.
  • Chris Rabago, director of manufacturing, Hawaiian Host Group and Billy Goodman, managing director, CAMA USA, share how modularity helped Hawaiian Host optimize their workforce.

As well as partners, such as:

  • Götz Erhardt, senior managing director at Accenture, and Susana Gonzalez, president for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Rockwell Automation, discuss how digital manufacturing can help to ensure success, even during the most volatile and unstable of times.
  • Laurie McDonald, Vice President of SaaS Digital Thread at PTC and Adam Page, Director of Global Technology Partnerships and Alliances, Rockwell, discus the evolution of the partnership between PTC and Rockwell Automation, from software-as-a-service, through out-of-the-box and specific solutions, to advancements in augmented reality.
  • Thierry Rouquet of Cisco explains how, by converging the worlds of IT and OT, the partnership of these two companies supports the Connected Enterprise through a common platform and secure network infrastructure.
  • André Henriksson from Microsoft and Salma Ghafoor of Rockwell Automation discuss the value of how adopting an Edge-to-Cloud deployment as part of a Connected Enterprise model enables organization-wide improvements in efficiency, visibility and collaboration.

And industry insights from Rockwell's own executives:

  • Malte Dieckelmann, regional vice president for software sales in EMEA for Rockwell, highlights the business benefits and outcomes of MES implementation.
  • Sachin Mathur, EMEA director of software and control, Rockwell, describes how 5G provides a next-generation communication layer to achieve a flexible, agile factory of the future.
  • Sarah Dana, head of information solutions for North Europe, Middle East and Africa at Rockwell, addresses the myths and misconception around manufacturing execution systems.

"We're exceptionally proud of the depth and breadth of insight available in these discussions," said Greg de Clercq, industry strategy and marketing director for EMEA at Rockwell Automation. "What's clear when you listen to these market leaders speak, is how fast innovation is changing the face of manufacturing — and how successfully that's delivering improved outcomes for everyone involved."

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