Elitewheels Attends Cycle Mode Tokyo as It's Business Grows in Japan

Release date Jun. 05, 2023, 07:03 am EDT
Tokyo, Japan
Elitewheels Attends Cycle Mode Tokyo as It's Business Grows in Japan
At this year’s Cycle Mode Tokyo, Elitewheels attracted several hundred visitors over two days.

This April, the carbon bicycle wheel brand Elitewheels attended Cycle Mode Tokyo, the largest bicycle exhibition in Japan.

About Elitewheels

Elitewheels is based in Fujian Province, China. The brand has been producing carbon bicycle wheels since 2013. They design and manufacture their own proprietary UNI carbon fiber, resin, wheel hubs, rims, and complete wheelsets. Having this level of vertical integration allows for better quality control and prevents supply chain issues from occurring.

They use advanced production techniques and proprietary UNI carbon fiber to allow for carbon rims to be made lighter, stiffer, and stronger. Improvements in resin and carbon fiber prepreg, as well as a sophisticated molding process eliminate the need for over-engineering, saving on material, while giving the wheels favorable qualities that cyclists demand. Precise wheel hub machining, the use of mixed ceramic bearings, as well as the company's extensive research and development have allowed for ultra low rolling resistance, long lasting freehub mechanisms.

In addition to carbon fiber rims, Elitewheels has popularized the use of carbon spokes instead of traditional steel spokes. This was accomplished by creating spokes that can be replaced individually. Former designs were impossible to fix as spokes were bonded to the rim and wheel hub.

The Products

Elitewheels' Drive road bike wheels are their most popular offering in Japan as well as around the world. Wheelsets start at only 1255 grams for the pair, among the world's lightest. Every wheelset model has passed over a dozen tests proving their quality, performance, safety, and reliability. Furthermore, each wheelset has passed the UCI vertical impact test, allowing them to be raced in any cycling event.

Their sponsored professional UCI Continental cycling teams currently race on the wheels. These include the Polish team HRE Mazowsze Serce Polski, the former #1 UCI Continental Cycling team in the world. Others include China Glory Continental Cycling Team, Cycling Team Kranj, and EuroCyclingTrips.

The largest cycling specific publications worldwide, Cycling Weekly, Cyclist.co.uk, and Road.cc all had featured pieces on Elitewheels' Drive series road wheelsets. Rachel Sokal, a reviewer from Cycling Weekly rated the wheels highly, commenting "The Elitewheels 50D have performed outstandingly and have given everything I could have hoped for a 50mm carbon wheel."

The brand also offers mountain bike, gravel, and triathlon wheelsets.

Cycle Mode Tokyo

At this year's Cycle Mode Tokyo, Elitewheels cooperated with Japanese content creators to help with promotion, wheel demos, and inquiries. Their booth attracted several hundred visitors over the two days, of which well over a hundred demoed the Drive series road wheels, which have become some of the most widely known and popular in Japan. The wheels featured at the bike show include the brand's flagship road, gravel and mountain bike offerings.

Future Development

In order to improve after-sales service, Elitewheels is in the process of expanding and securing dealers and service centers all around the world, with an emphasis on Japan, the United States, and Europe. Furthermore, the brand will offer demo rides, allowing those interested to try before they buy.

This year, Elitewheels will release new products, including at least one new premium wheelset series that offers distinct advantages over other wheels, including improved aerodynamics, stability, and an advanced, cutting edge wheel hub that will improve upon leading designs currently available.

The brand plans on attending the 2024 editions of Cycle Mode Tokyo, Cycle Mode Osaka,and Nagoya Cycle Sports Days, the three largest cycling exhibitions in Japan, bringing their new premium road wheelsets.

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