IMKI enhances brand heritage by creating custom Generative AI to assist in creation for the Luxury

Release date Jun. 06, 2023, 03:02 am EDT
Strasbourg, France
IMKI enhances brand heritage by creating custom Generative AI to assist in creation for the Luxury
IMKI Custom AI for Luxury and Culture Vivatechnology

At VivaTechnology, IMKI, a startup specialised in the design and development of custom Generative AI, will present its solutions dedicated to the Luxury, to produce powerful creative tools that draw from the DNA and artistic heritage while preserving them.

Generative AI is a revolution and is evolving very rapidly. It engenders strong changes in the processes of creation and innovation.

Will AI make creators and creatives disappear ? No !

IMKI today addresses all creative companies worldwide for which the past is an asset to build future developments and provides them with the technological solution that allows them to take part in the AI revolution.

Those in the luxury are based on brands with heritage and strong DNA : Revisiting an iconic piece, creating the next trendy model with the brand's codes, testing creations before launching into production. These are some examples of what generative AI allows luxury businesses to do.

With its Augmented Creativity concept, IMKI relies on its clients' proprietary data and positions itself as a provider of creative assistance services to support them and allow to benefit from the power of generative AI.

IMKI creates AI As a Service

With its custom tool to assist in creation, IMKI's generative AI reveals its full power both by accelerating the creative process and by reducing production costs.

IMKI absorbs the skills of a company, a designer to construct a creative and custom response to their needs while contributing to innovation, creation and transmission of know-how

IMKI is the 1st AI as a service in the field of images generation. It is to the visual creation sector what chat GPT is to the textual AI sector, but not as an open and universal service, but as a dedicated and closed service, for the benefit of brand heritage. Grow your heritage is its promise !

IMKI safeguards the copyrights and intellectual property of its clients

AI can strengthen copyrights and intellectual property by proposing a sequencing of a brand's genetic code. AI guarantees and legitimizes proprietary data with a protected method.

IMKI generator of custom creative AI

Founded in 2020 in Strasbourg, IMKI develops proprietary generative AI that allow its clients for Luxury and Culture to multiply their creative power while optimizing their production cost.

Thanks to its expertise and unique method, IMKI generate specific contents through AI. The objective? To multiply creative capabilities and sanctify the artistic DNA of companies to fructify this heritage.

This tool enables the enhancement of all heritages, from brands to our Territories. IMKI has developed The Sound Odyssey (, a multisensory immersive experience at the Roman Theatre of Orange, his exceptional 2000-year-old monument still at the forefront of innovation. For the first time in the world, a monumental 360° video mapping was entirely designed by AI, a cutting-edge technology capable of imagining and designing worlds and creatures of unparalleled creativity.

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