Compass Offices - Exceptional Location, Unrivaled Convenience.

Release date Jun. 07, 2023, 12:00 am EDT
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Compass Offices - Exceptional Location, Unrivaled Convenience.
Photo courtesy of Compass Offices

Compass Offices (Compass) will open its China Building business centre in August 2023. The presale and private viewings offer an opportunity for workspace customisation and corporate fit-outs. China Building adds a premium location to our portfolio of flexible offices and offers a modestly priced alternative for corporates and business professionals that prefer to be located in Central, Hong Kong.

Compass Offices' Chief Executive Officer, Hans Leijten, said: "As demand for flexible offices evolves overtime, workplace strategies for corporate and business professionals have shifted considerably in light of changing environmental factors, personal preferences and the increased prevalence of hybrid work arrangements. As a result, businesses are increasingly looking for flexible and sustainable workspaces that can accommodate the latest technology and support the well-being of their staff. Overall, firms have shown a preference for efficient, high-end office space and have been forgoing traditional renewals for right sizing their flexible office."

A holistic approach to the enterprise solution has evolved from the traditional office environment to a modern fit-out, including hybrid meeting equipment, flexible and shared spaces for team building and group collaboration. Compass Offices' dedicated and experienced team will help corporates and business professionals navigate through the rapid evolution of the flexible office market and create agile, efficient, effective, and innovative workplace solutions.

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