Embracing Web3, SellOn Revolutionize Hyperlocal Communities and Empowers MSMEs in Indonesia

Release date Jun. 08, 2023, 04:50 am EDT
Jakarta, Indonesia
Embracing Web3, SellOn Revolutionize Hyperlocal Communities and Empowers MSMEs in Indonesia
SellOn connects communities and neighbors with its seamless transactional process, fun gamification, and integrate Web3 to reward its users

SellOn, a community-focused service and online marketplace platform focusing on Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), is seeking to revolutionize hyperlocal community engagement with its Web3 and Blockchain-based reward systems.

Through the platform, users can share information in their community, engage in the selling and buying of products, join hands for value-added group purchases, and more. SellOn also supports messaging and games within the app while providing an avenue for businesses to advertise simultaneously. All these features come with real-life benefits.

By connecting local businesses and communities with nearby consumers, SellOn can leverage its platforms' hyperlocal nature to foster further business opportunities and ensure that each specific community is well-served and linked. Unlike other social media and marketplace platforms, SellOn seeks to reward the contributions of users who create content and generate traffic that keep the community alive through its token system.

Integrating Technology for the Future

This transformation is possible due to the integration of Web3, leading to the gamification of the platform's processes. Users are rewarded with Sellon Points (SPT) for engaging in activities on the app, which can then be exchanged for vouchers and SELO tokens. Within the app, users can also enjoy a Web3 gaming experience, where battles take place between combatants that can be purchased as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using SPT.

The inclusion of an in-app wallet which makes it seamless to switch from SPT to SELO Token, also adds another layer of security to put users at ease in keeping all their Web3 Assets. Since the adoption of Web3 technology for the app in December 2022, the number of users has increased substantially, with more than 300,000 active users to date.

"With the nature of the economy and the obvious needs of communities in Indonesia, SellOn is well-positioned to bring people and businesses together in a whole new way. By making it easy to connect with each other and to allow businesses to do the same, the hope is to continue driving the economic growth for both users and MSMEs alike," shared John Kim, COO of SellOn.

Building on Economic Growth

Without a doubt, MSMEs are a strong pillar of the Indonesian economy, with over 64.2 million MSMEs contributing 61.07%, or IDR 8.573,89 trillion, to the nation's GDP in 2021 alone.

The fallout from the pandemic has made it even more pertinent for such businesses to adopt digitization, allowing the economy and the people to benefit further from sustainable development and productivity, built on a strong financial foundation. Increasing digitization can enable easier access to services and increased efficiency, in addition to the above-mentioned boosts to productivity and a general improvement of the socio-economic conditions of all communities.

SellOn currently operates out of Indonesia and Singapore, and will soon expand its presence to other markets, including Thailand and Malaysia. For more information on SellOn, visit www.sellon.net, and interested users can download the app from iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

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