Fossibot Introducing an Innovative Portable Power Station - F3600

Release date Jun. 08, 2023, 05:25 am EDT
Berlin, Germany
Fossibot Introducing an Innovative Portable Power Station - F3600
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Fossibot, an innovator in the energy storage industry, is introducing an innovative model - F3600.

To achieve greater convenience in portable power stations, Fossibot has made significant innovations and developed the F3600, which stands out as an integration of fast recharging, high capacity and multiple ports.

The F3600 features AC and XT90 input ports and can be recharged by AC, solar, generator or car. Allowing a maximum input of 4200W, it can be fully recharged in just 1.5 hours with a simultaneous input of 2200W AC and 2000W solar power. Besides, it has 5 AC charging speed levels for selection.

The F3600 boasts a 3840Wh battery pack that provides prolonged runtime for your electrical appliances. It helps your 200W fridge survive a power outage for an extra 16.3 hours and saves you from disasters of food spoilage. The LiFePO4 battery with BMS ensures exceptional security and longevity of 6500+ charging cycles. The UPS system guarantees stable pure sine wave power with no harm to appliances.

With various ports, the F3600 can charge nearly all your devices and power up 13 devices simultaneously, sparing you the hassle of carrying a bunch of sockets on journeys.

Thanks to the solar charging system, it reduces your carbon footprint and saves on your energy bills by harnessing green energy. By using 4 Fossibot SP420 solar panels, it takes only 2.5 hours to fully recharge in optimal sunlight.

The F3600 has more surprises for users. The extendable handle and sleek wheels make it as easy-to-carry as a suitcase. It comes with a removable flashlight and built-in LED light for night exploration. Plus, a cable storage bag is included to help store all your charging cables.

To celebrate the launch of the F3600, Fossibot has a special offer on its cooperative e-commerce platforms in the EU from June 13 to 27, with the F3600 priced at just €1,799.99. Learn more at: Geekbuying,, Geekmaxi, and Geekmall.

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