Intergamma B.V. expands its AI partnership with Netail

Release date Jun. 08, 2023, 08:01 am EDT
Pittsburgh, pa, United States
Intergamma B.V. expands its AI partnership with Netail

Intergamma B.V., the #1 DIY Retailer in the Benelux region, announced a multi-year partnership with Netail to leverage its AI technology to further accelerate Intergamma's core mission – to offer the best products, solutions and inspiration to their digital-first customers. Intergamma operates over 400 DIY stores (and webshops) under GAMMA and KARWEI brands all across Netherlands and Belgium. And as part of their ambition to become the best omni-channel retailer in the Benelux, Intergamma is embracing cutting edge data and AI solutions to sharpen their competitive advantage and strengthen their customer focus.

Duco Roolvink, Head of Data and Analytics at Intergamma said, "At Intergamma, we believe in the power of data driven decision making and Netail's SaaS solution gives us powerful, granular and real-time insights into the hyper competitive market that we operate in. Partnering with innovative technology companies like Netail along with our strong internal analytics muscle is helping us accelerate the time-to-value for building advanced optimization capabilities for the business".

"I'm proud of our partnership with Intergamma, who is not only the market leader but also a shining beacon for sustainability. As the pace of AI is accelerating with breakthroughs like Generative AI, we are uber focused on developing practical applications of these technologies that deliver quick ROI for our customers. And working with innovative companies like Intergamma is helping us to keep pushing the envelope in this exciting space", said Sivakumar Hariharaiyer, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer at Netail.

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