KT SAT to participate SatelliteAsia 2023 showcasing its Multi-Orbit Satellite Solution in Singapore

Release date Jun. 08, 2023, 09:30 pm EDT
Seoul, South Korea
KT SAT to participate SatelliteAsia 2023 showcasing its Multi-Orbit Satellite Solution in Singapore
KT SAT, a leading satellite service provider in South Korea, participated in SatelliteAsia 2023 held in Singapore Expo from 7th to 9th of June.

KT SAT, South Korea's the sole satellite service company with its self-owned satellites, participated in SatelliteAsia 2023, a biggest satellite technology trade show throughout Asia Pacific region held in Singapore Expo from 7th to 9th, June.

KT SAT has set up the exhibition booth to showcase its competitive services and solutions along with this year's business strategy, laying the foundation to become a Multi-Orbit satellite operator. This year, the MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) satellite service of Mangata Networks took up a big portion of the booth. MEO capacity, which is secured by partnership with Mangata Networks, is one of the important resources for KT SAT to proceed a Multi-Orbit business.

As a part of its Multi-Orbit business strategy, KT SAT invested in Mangata Networks which provides end-to-end cloud-based solutions, powered by a global satellite and terrestrial network. Following the investment, KT SAT also signed a MEO capacity purchase contract with Mangata in order to meet diverse customer needs with Multi-Orbit networks including its self-owned GEO capacity. The contract includes the target service date of 2026 and service region of Southern East and East Asia such as Indonesia, Malaysia and India etc.

Brian Holz, CEO of Mangata Networks said "We are building a multi-orbit constellation of HEO (highly elliptical orbit) and MEO (medium Earth orbit) satellites and a terrestrial grid of edge data centers to provide seamless connectivity with cloud and IoT services. We are delighted to be partnering with KT SAT to provide MEO capacity to Southern East and East Asia which are significant regions in the industry expecting it to play a key part in our growth strategy. "

KT SAT also showcased its next generation satellite solutions – Edge Computing over Satellite and Multi-beam Terminal- aligned with its business strategy. Edge Computing over satellite is about processing data closer to where it's being generated enabling processing at great speed and volume, leading to reduce satellite backhaul bandwidth and minimize latency. No matter what kinds of satellite network is used, it can apply to any networks including GEO, MEO and LEO.

Multi-beam terminal, an integrated satellite terminal that includes antenna and modem, enables simultaneous Tx/Rx operation on GEO and other NGSO satellites through multi-beam radiation. KT SAT is applying its own-developed Hybrid solution to the terminal so that it will be able to provide a merged speed of multiple networks and seamless hand over between networks.

Along with Multi-orbit service, KT SAT will further expand its GEO business domain. Tata group company Nelco, a leading satellite communication service provider in India, also expressed an interest in KT SAT's GEO service expansion. Recently, KT SAT and Nelco entered into a partnership to bring KT SAT's GEO service in India with KORASAT-7. At the Satellite Asia 2023 event, both companies discussed various ways to bring value of connectivity in India and to strengthen the partnership.

Kyungmin Daivd Song, CEO of KT SAT said "We are endeavoring to raise service competitiveness and customer satisfaction by establishing fundamentals to be a Multi-Orbit service provider with Multi-orbit satellite portfolio and high quality solutions"

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