Kaiyi Auto new energy strategy anniversary results release

Release date Jun. 12, 2023, 12:00 am EDT
Yibin, China
Kaiyi Auto new energy strategy anniversary results release
Kaiyi Auto new energy strategy anniversary results release

On June 9-11, World Power Battery Conference will be held in Yibin with the theme of "New Green Power, World New Energy." During the conference, Kaiyi Auto will showcase its three new energy technology platforms built on the "Yi concept", as well as five new energy products such as X7 PHEV, HH11 and HH12.

Yi concept to create three major technology platforms

"Yi concept" is an important support for Kaiyi's new energy strategy. The "Y" represents the brand concept, in that Kaiyi will use a young mindset (Young) and user thinking (Your) to achieve a dual balance of user yearn (Yearn) and corporate vision. The "I" represents the platform concept, which includes three characteristics: intelligent, infinity and imaginative. According to "Yi concept," Kaiyi has created three major technology platforms, i-FA, i-EA and i- XA, based on which Kaiyi plans to launch 23 new energy products of 11 series to the world in the next five years.

New energy products targeting the global market

The five new energy products which will be shown on the conference are from the i-FA and i-EA platforms.

X7 PHEV is based on i-FA platform. It has 1.5T hybrid engine. The pure electric range is 260 km, and comprehensive range reaches 1200 km.

HH11/12 is the entry-level electric vehicle of i-EA platform, in 3-door and 5-door versions. The interior is planned to be equipped with 10.25+7-inch HD dual-linkage screens, keyless entry and other configurations. It is understood that the model will also be available in right-hand drive. The pure electric range can reach up to 400 km.

Global famous enterprises cooperate to build industrial ecology

In addition to creating phenomenal products, Kaiyi Auto has also built industrial ecology with CATL, Tencent and other global famous companies, which fully escorts the steady development of Kaiyi Auto's new energy strategy.In 2021 July, Kaiyi Auto and CATL reached a strategic partnership, and the two sides will cooperate deeply in the various areas, such as the development of complete vehicle, high energy density Kylin battery, chocolate battery swap technology, and battery recycling.

Around 2025, the new energy models of Kaiyi will form "three new energy product patterns with SUVs as the main, A00 models as the supplementary, and a new expandable SUV platform as the core."

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