OPESS Latest Industrial, Commercial and Residential Energy Storage Solutions to Land at ESS Europe 2023

Release date Jun. 12, 2023, 04:16 am EDT
Munich, Germany
OPESS Latest Industrial, Commercial and Residential Energy Storage Solutions to Land at ESS Europe 2023
OPESS's Industrial, Commercial and Residential Energy Storage Solutions

OPESS, a leading new energy innovator and solution provider owned by the esteemed Unisun Group, is gearing up to showcase its whole array of the latest renewable technology at the ess Europe 2023 which is set to take place from June 14 to 16. Driven by its commitment to empowering global small and midsize companies and manufacturers with its intelligent, cost-effective, and reliable energy solutions, OPESS's next-gen storage products promise industry-leading versatility, safety, and performance, designed to facilitate businesses in all sectors to accelerate toward energy transition while boosting their productivity and lowing the costs.

During the three-day event, OPESS's booth (C2.470) will unveil the company's Ocube modular storage products, the Obox family created to meet household energy needs, the integrated energy storage and charging solutions from the Ostation line-up, as well as the "One for All" smart energy management systems packed with state-of-the-art features that streamline control and maximize energy efficiency. OPESS also aims to leverage the platform offered by the world's premiere solar show to engage with industry peers and prospective partners to explore the opportunity to expand business networks, foster collaboration, and exchange insights.

Rated for IP54+ to offer all-around weatherproof protection, the Ocube energy storage solutions for commercial and industrial customers boast a robust multi-level redundancy for greater safety alongside a highly adaptable integrated modular design that ensures compatibility for a wide range of applications. In addition, the Ocube series is equipped with OPESS's proprietary Energy Management System (EMS) that can manage and dispatch energy with improved efficiency and precision.

With a design that addresses the global need for integrated storage and charging solutions, the Ostation series features products that deliver exceptional adaptability and versatility. The line-up offers comprehensive support to a diverse range of customers with storage and charging needs, including menu-based services that encompass pre-installed software and hardware, strengthening their management capabilities and streamlining the commercial payment process.

Sporting a minimalist and sleek closure, the Obox series offers superior energy density and simplifies installation steps to maximize convenience and performance. Remotely operable with an app designed for mobile devices, the household energy storage products come with LFP batteries powered by PACK technology that guarantees a stable, efficient, and uninterrupted power supply for both residents and outdoor users.

This year at ess Europe 2023, OPESS aims to display its new generation of energy storage solutions backed by OPESS's years of R&D and its robust industry-leading innovation capacity, which holds over 300 national-level patents. The latest products are crafted with a focus on stability, and safety, as well as the aim to maximize their adaptability in commercial, industrial, and residential scenarios, providing greater value to its users.

During 2015 - 2020, OPESS successfully implemented photovoltaic new energy projects totaling over 37MWH in multiple countries, such as Japan, The Netherlands, Hungary, and India.

Visitors can also anticipate OPESS's presence at Re+ 2023 where the company will showcase products tailormade for the users in US from September 11 to 14, 2023.

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