ABB E-mobility expands solutions for public and fleet EV charging in North America

Release date Jun. 12, 2023, 08:00 am EDT
Sacramento, CA, United States
ABB E-mobility expands solutions for public and fleet EV charging in North America
ABB E-mobility has launched products spanning public and fleet charging needs in a wide range of power, including the Terra 360, HVC360 and Terra AC Wallbox 40/80A.
  • ABB E-mobility products are supported by round-the-clock connectivity and dedicated support for high uptime and reliability
  • These new products are on display at the EVS36 conference (booth 811), taking place this week in Sacramento, California

ABB E-mobility, a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, today announces the latest additions to its already robust North American charging portfolio, further supporting the growing needs of EV charging operations nationwide.

Public charging solutions

Sales of EVs in the United States reached over 900,00001 in 2022, with figures up 45% during the first quarter of 2023, and are on track to surpass one million before the year ends2. With thousands of new EV drivers taking to U.S. roads each day, powerful, reliable and user-friendly charging systems are in higher demand than ever.

ABB E-mobility's Terra 360 all-in-one charger was designed to pack high power into a small footprint, delivering up to 360 kW of power for a full charge in less than 15 minutes3. The UL-certified Terra 360 is equipped with CCS-1 in a dual-outlet configuration which can charge two vehicles simultaneously. In addition to providing a superior public charging experience, the Terra 360 can also serve commercial fleet needs where an all-in-one footprint and power-sharing strategies are optimal.

Fleet and transit solutions

In addition to EV growth among passenger vehicles, the operational efficiencies of light- and medium-duty commercial EVs in the U.S. are expected to achieve total cost of ownership (TCO) parity with combustion engine vehicles by 2025, with heavy-duty trucks set to achieve similar TCO before 20304. For scaling charging infrastructure, space constrained EV fleet charging depots require high power charging with flexible and footprint-efficient designs.

The new HVC360 power cabinet enables ultimate site design flexibility by charging up to 4 buses or trucks at the same time, being installed back-to-back, side-to-side, or along a wall, and allowing charging dispensers to be set as far as 328 feet (100 meters) from the HVC360 power cabinet itself. Dynamic charging capability allows the HVC360 to allocate differing levels of power to each charging dispenser based on the number of vehicles plugged in or their charging requirements. With the ability to integrate multiple dispenser types on a single cabinet, from CCS to pantograph, it enables fleet operators to mix and match the ideal charging configuration for their needs.

In addition to advanced DC charging solutions, ABB E-mobility is offering the high-output Terra AC Wallbox 40/80A which can be configured to provide from 9.6 to 19.2 kW of output power, making it ideal for light- and medium- duty commercial vehicle fleets which have larger batteries. This UL-rated and Energy Star® certified AC charger is equipped with a J1772 Type 1 connector for universal EV charging, and CTEP certification for the screen display version supporting revenue-grade metering. The charger also features multiple internet connectivity and authentication options, including OCPP 1.6J, and has dedicated apps for fast commissioning as well as managing charging sessions and usage ̶ all delivering seamless integration into any commercial facility or outdoor depot.

North American capabilities

Combined, these new offerings for North America build upon ABB E-mobility's EV charging technologies which thousands of facilities, public charging sites, fleet operations and transit depots have integrated into their e-mobility operations for over a decade. ABB E-mobility supports every charger with best in class service and maintenance offerings which include connectivity for remote services and technical and field service operations for high charger uptime and reliability.

"ABB E-mobility is committed to developing and deploying advanced charging technologies that are ready for the current and future requirements of public charging sites as well as the unique needs of every sized EV fleet," said Bob Stojanovic, Senior Vice President for ABB E-mobility in North America. "These new products, along with our existing line of robust chargers, continue to represent our high standards for safety, reliability and usability, whether we're providing charging technology to a public charging site or critical fleet operations with 97% uptime targets and high asset utilization goals."

ABB E-mobility was an early industry pioneer in EV charging in North America, delivering its first DC fast charger over 11 years ago in the U.S., and continues to provide industry-leading charging systems across the country ̶ including the first public CCS1 charger in 2013, the first 150 kW charging system installed in 2017, and the first 350 kW charging systems opened to the public in 2018. Most recently, ABB E-mobility announced the start of U.S. manufacturing for its NEVI-enabled Terra 184 and Terra DC Wallbox products, which meet a variety of U.S. domestic preference rules including the Federal Highway Administration's Buy America Act.

ABB E-mobility is enabling zero-emission mobility as a global leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for a more sustainable and resource-efficient future. We are a partner of choice for the world's biggest EV OEMs and nationwide EV charging network operators, offering the widest portfolio of EV charging solutions from smart chargers for the home to high-power chargers for the highway stations of the future, solutions for the electrification of fleets and charging for electric buses and trucks. With ~1,500 employees around the world, ABB E-mobility has sold more than one million EV chargers across more than 85 markets, including over 50,000 DC fast chargers.

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