llaollao, the Spanish frozen yoghurt brand that is a huge hit in Malaysia

Release date Jun. 13, 2023, 07:01 am EDT
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
llaollao, the Spanish frozen yoghurt brand that is a huge hit in Malaysia
llaollao Store 100 in Malaysia
  • llaollao, the leading frozen yoghurt company with 320 points of sale worldwide, has grown by 55.7% in Malaysia since 2022 and continues to strengthen its presence in the country following the opening of its 100th store.
  • The company continues to consolidate its position as the Spanish food outlet brand with the strongest presence in Malaysia.
  • llaollao plans to open six new stores across the country, making Asia the brand's second most important market after Spain.

llaollao, the leading Spanish frozen yoghurt brand with an international presence, has reached a new milestone: more than 320 stores worldwide. The company recently celebrated the opening of its 100th store in Malaysia and has increased the number of points of sale by 55.7% since 2022. It plans to continue strengthening its presence in this country with the opening of six more stores in the coming months.

llaollao's success lies not only in its exquisite taste, but also its commitment to quality and authenticity. Using only carefully selected premium quality natural ingredients, llaollao has created a delicious and healthy frozen yoghurt that captures the essence of Spanish gastronomy in each and every one of its products. Since its arrival in Malaysia, the company has managed to consolidate its presence thanks to the high brand recognition, confidence and loyalty of the local consumers.

During these years, the brand has notched up major milestones such as the opening of its first flagship store in the exclusive Pavilion KL shopping mall and the recent opening of its 100th store in Malaysia. To celebrate the opening of this store located in Kajang Metro Point Complex in Selangor, a Froyo Party was organised in Pavilion KL from 6 to 11 June with various activities.

The solid growth of llaollao's projects has cemented its status as the Spanish food outlet brand with the strongest presence in Malaysia, resulting in a 55.7% increase in the number of points of sale since 2022. In addition, in the coming months the brand will further strengthen its presence in the country with the opening of six more stores.

"The choice of locations for the opening of new stores is very important for the company. Malaysia is a very special market for us, because despite being more than 11,000 kilometres away we feel that our customers trust us. We feel right at home here, and at the same time we feel 100% llaollao, no doubt thanks to our master franchisees and strategic partners, who are key to the success and development of the brand in Malaysia," said Pedro Espinosa, CEO of llaollao.

The company arrived in Asia in 2013 after it opened its first franchise in Singapore. Since then, Asia has become its second most important market after Spain, thanks to its more than 150 points of sale located throughout the region.

llaollao is also present in other Asian countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar and Brunei.

"Asia has become the second most important market for llaollao, and not only because of our presence in terms of points of sale, for example In the coming months we plan to open 20 new stores (six in Malaysia and eight in the Philippines), but also because we have positioned ourselves as a leisure option in itself thanks to the quality of our product, our brand spirit and llaollao's ability to adapt to each market with its different culture and habits," Espinosa added.

llaollao has already sold more than 100 million tubs around the world and has more than 320 points of sale worldwide.

In relation to its internationalisation plans outside Asia, the brand also recently celebrated important milestones such as its arrival in Oceania and South America, where it will soon be opening in Bolivia.

What is llaollao?

llaollao is the leading frozen yoghurt sale and manufacturing brand in the sector. Pioneers for the development of the frozen yoghurt concept in Spain, since we started out in 2009 we have based our success on three pillars: quality, commitment and innovation. Each llaollao tub is made using premium milk and yoghurt. The result is a natural, healthy, gluten-free probiotic frozen yoghurt with a unique texture and taste. And all with outstanding customer service and full commitment to our consumers, who we always listen to in order to offer products that are not only the best but also the most innovative.

All this has led to us opening more than 300 points of sale worldwide, with more than 130 in Spain and over 190 more all over the world.

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