Newland EMEA Launches the WD4 Ring Scanner and Expands its Nwear by Newland wearables product line

Release date Jun. 14, 2023, 05:01 am EDT
Culemborg, Netherlands
Newland EMEA Launches the WD4 Ring Scanner and Expands its Nwear by Newland wearables product line
Meet the WD4 Ring Scanner from Nwear by Newland! With its adjustable strap, the WD4 Ring Scanner ensures a secure fit on the user's finger, even during rigorous tasks!

Newland EMEA, one of the leading companies in the AIDC industry, announces the launch of its WD4 Ring Scanner, a valuable addition to its Nwear by Newland range of wearables.

The WD4 Ring Scanner is specifically designed for easy scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes with a simple press of the thumb. Its adjustable strap ensures a secure fit on the user's finger, even during rigorous tasks. With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the WD4 enables reliable and fast communication with a wide range of host devices, including Android mobile computers, tablets, PCs, smartphones, as well as iOS and Windows devices.

Moreover, the WD4 provides users with intuitive good-read feedback, minimizing errors during the scanning process. LED lights, audio beeps, and vibrations work together to deliver clear and instant feedback on successful scans. Additionally, these indicators can alert the device's communication status and battery life, ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

Last, but not least, the WD4 Ring Scanner boasts a long-lasting battery capacity, providing up to 10 hours of continuous scanning time. Thanks to the low-power Bluetooth 5.0 technology and energy-efficient scan engine, users can rely on the WD4 throughout their entire shift without the need to recharge.

With the introduction of the WD4 Ring Scanner, there are now four products in the Nwear range, including the WD1 Watch Scanner, the WD2 Wearable Scanner, and the WD3 Badge Scanner. These products offer numerous benefits that boost productivity and optimize processes, all while ensuring a comfortable user experience.

Firstly, they enhance efficiency by eliminating the need for manual interaction during scanning processes. With hands-free scanning technology, workers can effortlessly scan barcodes without interrupting their workflow by putting the scanner away while carrying or picking boxes. Secondly, Nwear scanners embrace ergonomics and reduce physical strain. Users no longer need to hold and maneuver the device, which minimizes the discomfort associated with prolonged scanning sessions. Additionally, Nwear devices offer an all-in-one hands-free solution by providing a seamless pairing experience through the EasyConnect app. The WD1 Watch Scanner serves as a host device and data repository, enabling effortless synchronization, while the other scanners in the Nwear range function as efficient data collectors. All of these make Nwear by Newland stand out as a preferred choice in scenarios where multitasking and achieving high levels of productivity are essential.

Overall, with the launch of the WD4 Ring Scanner, Newland EMEA keeps expanding its wearable scanner portfolio to cater to diverse and dynamic market needs and to deliver innovative solutions that empower industries to optimize their operations, streamline workflows, and achieve new levels of efficiency.

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Established in 2009, Newland EMEA (Newland Europe BV) makes scanning simple. A leading player in the global AIDC industry, we create 1D and 2D data capture & collection devices accessible to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

At Newland, we build our products from the ground up. Our product range consists of stationary & handheld scanners, mobile computers, micro kiosks and tablets, and OEM scan engines. All based on our UIMG image technology and 2D decoder chip.

Headquartered in Culemborg, the Netherlands, Newland EMEA supports our local teams across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. With over 500+ partners in EMEA, our extensive network of distributors and resellers offer products and services locally in 35+ countries.

Newland EMEA is a member company of Newland Auto-ID Tech, a subsidiary of Newland Digital Technology Co. Ltd. A public company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (ticker SZE-000997). Newland Digital Technology has over $1B in annual global revenue and 5,000+ employees, specializing in technology research and development, manufacturing and product management, data collection, mobile communication, and payment devices. With over 20 international patents and 500+ intellectual property rights, Newland is the 4th most prominent brand in AIDC technology and the 2nd largest global provider of EFT-POS terminals.

Newland EMEA thrives on a simple mission: to make everyday tasks easier, faster, and more intuitive through our products and partnerships.

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