Startup Island TAIWAN x AWS Startups' Exclusive "Rethinking Workshop" Returns to Empower Startup Communities

Release date Jun. 15, 2023, 02:33 am EDT
Taipei, Taiwan
Startup Island TAIWAN x AWS Startups' Exclusive "Rethinking Workshop" Returns to Empower Startup Communities
Startup Island TAIWAN X AWS Startups [Rethinking Workshop for the Startup Community] (Startup Island TAIWAN)

Startup Island TAIWAN and the cloud computing leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) team collaborated once again and successfully held the second 'Rethinking Workshop' on June 13th at One&Co, JR East Group's co-working space in Taipei. The workshop was primarily invitation-based, and participating teams included Asian Silicon Valley Development Agency (ASVDA), Startup Terrace, StarFab Accelerator, Social Innovation Lab, TAcc+, Taipei Computer Association, and other entrepreneurial institutions.

The AWS Rethinking Workshop invited startup community partners to gain a deeper understanding of Amazon's innovative culture and personally experience Amazon's 'Working Backward' methodology. The knowledge and insights gained from this workshop will be shared with more startup teams in the future, assisting startup companies in effectively addressing challenges, enhancing innovation capabilities, and accelerating the development of products and services.

Startup Island TAIWAN is dedicated to bridging Taiwanese startups with international opportunities, serving as a vital support system for fostering growth in the industry. They actively collaborate with international partners to provide startup teams with global perspectives, fostering their growth. Through the establishment of the startup national team, NEXT BIG, Startup Island TAIWAN is actively promoting Taiwanese startups in the international market.

Following the success of the second workshop with AWS, Startup Island TAIWAN is committed to continuing to forge partnerships with international collaborators and organizing future events and workshops. Stay informed about the latest news and updates by visiting Startup Island TAIWAN's website and Facebook page.

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