Sungrow Wins ees AWARD 2023 with Its C&I Liquid Cooled ESS PowerStack

Release date Jun. 16, 2023, 03:20 am EDT
Munich, Germany
Sungrow Wins ees AWARD 2023 with Its C&I Liquid Cooled ESS PowerStack
Sungrow PowerStack Wins ees AWARD 2023

Sungrow, the global leading PV inverter and energy storage system supplier, won ees AWARD 2023 with its liquid cooled energy storage system PowerStack, which caters specifically to the commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage market. The renowned trophy honours Sungrow's advanced technology and competitiveness in technical innovation.

The ees AWARD is presented by the organizer of international exhibition series for batteries and energy storage systems - ees (electrical energy storage). The energy award pays tribute to pioneering products and solutions for stationary and mobile electrical energy storage systems. The range of innovations encompasses the entire value-added chain of innovative battery and energy storage technologies - from components to concrete applications and business models.

The PowerStack was also showcased at the world's most extensive exhibition for the solar industry Intersolar Europe 2023, in Munich, Germany. The system boasts flexibility, high-spec safety features, and maximum ROI for customers.

The PowerStack battery capacity range is from 527 kWh to 1146 kWh, available for two to four-hour applications. The solution combines lithium-ion batteries, a power conversion system (PCS), an energy management system (EMS), and a fire suppression system (FSS). The system is designed for seamless integration from transportation to installation, and operation and maintenance (O&M).

Compared to a traditional air-cooling product, the PowerStack features efficient liquid-cooling technology. This delivers the advantages of low temperature difference and long battery life.

Andrey Yang, ESS Sales Director of Sungrow Europe, introduced the PowerStack. He said:

"The C&I energy storage market will be the next big thing in Europe. Sungrow's liquid-cooled ESS PowerStack exceeds the demand for flexibility and outstanding performance and is an ideal solution for more communities and facilities. Europe is poised for growth in the C&I energy storage market. As an early entrant in the energy storage sector, Sungrow is excited for what is to come as we work towards maximizing our customers' ROI through industry-leading products and services."

As with all Sungrow products, the PowerStack adheres to strict safety procedures and rigorous standards. It features comprehensive safety design at every level including cell, electrical, and system design. In addition, AI-assisted cell monitoring technology performs high-precision online computing of the cell status and provides early-stage warnings to prevent thermal runaway. Four layers of overcurrent protection and anti-arc protection mitigate electrical hazards, while patented pipe connectors, IP65 module design, one-way breather valve, and drip collectors ensure complete system safety.

It's anticipated that the growing number of European businesses using renewables to power their operations will further drive demand in the C&I energy storage market.

The increased share of renewable energy comes with potential risks such as grid instability and operational challenges. But energy storage systems like the PowerStack contribute to the security of the grid while scaling renewable energy. ESS also offers a viable backup power solution during power outages caused by extreme weather or electricity supply-demand imbalances.

Similarly, demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and renewable energy in Europe, and the increasing costs of managing the network to accommodate them, is levied onto C&I electricity users in the form of demand charges. C&I battery storage could effectively lower electricity costs for the facilities where they are installed, while also helping manage the cost of power for consumers.

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