enChoice Expands into the UK Content Services Market

Release date Jun. 20, 2023, 05:01 am EDT
London, United Kingdom
enChoice Expands into the UK Content Services Market
Visit enChoice UK at www.enchoice.co.uk (enChoice, Inc)

enChoice, a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Content Services solutions in the US, has expanded into the UK market with the launch of enChoice UK (www.enchoice.co.uk). After acquiring the Integritie business from Rosslyn Data Technologies in November last year, enChoice is now set to leverage its vast experience in content based digital transformation, enabling businesses to maximise the value of their content strategies and unlock new levels of efficiency and productivity.

"The expansion of enChoice into the UK ECM market will enable the UK operation to take advantage of the resources and capabilities of the enChoice group" said David Littler, enChoice UK General Manager. "Our focus is on growing the Knowledge Capture content-as-a-service community. Knowledge Capture unlocks the full potential of business content using cutting-edge technologies and process automation. With Knowledge Capture, we aim to help organisations streamline their costs, improve operations, drive better decision-making and fuel growth."

Knowledge Capture offers organisations a comprehensive cloud platform for capturing, managing and extracting value from their digital content.

Key features of Knowledge Capture include:

Secure Cloud-Based Solution: flexibility and scalability needed for modern ECM needs. With robust security measures and compliance standards, businesses can confidently manage their content and workflows in a protected environment, mitigating risks and ensuring data integrity.

Information Governance: enforces the compliant management of content across the information lifecycle to ensure authenticity, reliability and integrity, based on established governance rules and processes.

Content-Centric Process Automation: places content at the core of business processes, ensuring seamless integration and automation. By capturing content and putting it in context, organisations can automate workflows, reduce manual intervention, and accelerate productivity for greater efficiency and agility.

Business Enablement and Knowledge Sharing: promotes collaboration and knowledge-sharing. With features such as document co-authoring, version control and secure sharing, it encourages collaboration, enhances productivity, and drives innovation across the entire content lifecycle.

Flexible Pricing: inclusive tiered pricing model with "packages" designed around the needs (and budget) of different customer types. The inclusive pricing model comprises the Knowledge Capture cloud service, monthly activity packages, on-boarding, ongoing service management and support.

To find out how enChoice UK and Knowledge Capture can revolutionise content-centric processes and enhance the value of enterprise content management for your business, visit www.enchoice.co.uk

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