Empower the Solar Future, Antaisolar Showcased Innovative PV Mounting Solutions at Intersolar Europe 2023

Release date Jun. 22, 2023, 06:17 am EDT
Munich, Germany
Empower the Solar Future, Antaisolar Showcased Innovative PV Mounting Solutions at Intersolar Europe 2023

Antaisolar, the leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting systems, showcased its innovative solar solutions, including the advanced 1P tracking systems TAI-Space, distributed mounting products, and the latest solar roof designing platform at Intersolar Europe 2023

New Platform Launch: SolarAid, The Next-Generation Solar Roof Designing Platform

Antaisolar unveiled its latest platform, SolarAid, a next-generation solar roof designing platform during the event. SolarAid aims to simplify the design and quoting process for rooftop PV projects, benefiting both end-users and distributors. With SolarAid, the traditional consulting mode is surpassed as owners and installers no longer require extensive communication. By simply submitting project information, this online platform can generate professional plans and installation guides, effectively catering to the needs of various rooftop projects. With SolarAid as part of Antaisolar's product portfolio, the company continues to lead the way in delivering convenient solutions that empower every solar dream.

1P Tracker TAI-Space: Empowering Large-Scale Solar Projects

Europe offers great opportunities for large-scale solar projects, because some regions have high solar radiation and flat lands, which are ideal for PV plants. Antaisolar groundbreaking 1P tracking system, TAI-Space, meets the requirements of large-scale PV projects in Europe, with a advanced multi-point drive design that withstands extreme wind speeds and adjusts to all kinds of high wind situations. It also features synchronous power transmission and brushless DC motors. This reduces the power consumption and maintenance costs of the tracker while ensuring stable and precise operation.

All-scenario Distributed Solution: Go Solar with Stability and Accessibility

Distributed generation is a way to help solve the problem of power shortages, especially in summer when the demand for air conditioning is high. Antaisolar offers a wide range of distributed mounting products for solar installations for residential and C&I in Europe. These products have undergone multiple tests and international certifications, ensuring their stability, accessibility, and sustainability. They can help customers lower installation costs, improve aesthetics, and increase generation benefits, suitable for different applications such as carport, balcony, garden, farm and rooftop.

Antaisolar, driven by its innovative products, high-quality service, and unwavering commitment to customer needs, remains at the forefront of the PV mounting industry. The company is committed to driving the growth and adoption of solar energy worldwide, providing cutting-edge solutions that make solar more accessible, reliable, and convenient for all and driving a sustainable future.

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