Catch a Glimpse of The Madison 2023 June Whisky Live Auction

Release date Jun. 22, 2023, 06:48 am EDT
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Catch a Glimpse of The Madison 2023 June Whisky Live Auction
Madison Auction is delighted to present their 2023 Madison Auction 2023 June Whisky Live Sale at 11 am (HKT) Saturday, June 24nd, the stunning 160+ lots of whiskies with a total estimate of HK$3,400,000 - HK$5,900,000. (Madison Auction Limited)

Madison Auction is delighted to present their 2023 Madison Auction 2023 June Whisky Live Sale at 11 am (HKT) Saturday, June 24nd, the stunning 160+ lots of whiskies with a total estimate of HK$3,400,000 - HK$5,900,000.

This sale will be live-streamed on Madison Auction bidding platform ( and the Madison Auction App (search 'Madison Auction' in your app store) at 11:00am (HKT) this Saturday. Take advantage of the last few days to place your online absentee bid via the bidding platform and app.

In addition to Hong Kong, Madison Auction will also set up salerooms in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Macao, Thailand and Laos, allowing more Asia-Pacific bidders to attend the auction via live streaming simultaneously.

As the first Hong Kong based luxury lifestyle auction house, Madison Auction hosts auctions for the unique pool of high-net-worth clients from APAC and other regions. Madison Auction continues to accept consignments at 0% seller's commission throughout the year for upcoming sales.

Whisky | Lot 1166

In this sale there are total 160+ lots of gems from Scotland, Japan, Ireland, US and Taiwan China, valued at HK$3,400,000 - HK$5,900,000, a star-studded lineup.

In this sale Madison Auction brings you more than 50 lots of Macallan, comprising over 140 bottles! This auction caters to enthusiasts of old Macallan whiskies and offers a variety of Macallan distilled between the 1940s and 1980s. Moreover, the prices are very affordable, starting from HKD 10,000 up to HKD 45,000. One of the highlights for collectors seeking aged whisky is definitely Lot 164, a Macallan distilled in 1949 during People's Republic of China's founding year and aged for 40 years in the cask before being bottled by Signatory.

Another highlight for collectors to take note of is the official bottlings from Macallan, including the 25-year-old Anniversary Malt from the 1950s (Lot 166); the 80 proof, 25-year-old Crystal Decanter, 1964 Sherry Wood, and the 17-year-old from the early 1960s (Lot Lot 9, 66, 67, 157, 161, 162), and the 18-year-old Sherry Oak from the early 1970s (Lot 65 & 156).

If the official bottlings cannot keep up with your demand anymore, various independent bottlings of Macallan are sure to surprise you. These include the popular Speymalt series (Lot 10-12, 73, 165, 166), as well as some noteworthy bottlers like Cadenhead's (Lot 11), Japanese bottlers Kingsbury and Shinanoya (Lot 14, 15), and more. In addition, Madison Auction will present one set of James Bond collections with seven bottles bottled in 2022 (Lot 1), and a dark sherry whisky bottled by Signatory a few months ago (Lot 13), which scored an impressive 93 points on Whiskyfun.

More than 70 lots of Scotch whiskies from distilleries other than Macallan are included, covering several discontinued distilleries and the eight major distilleries on Islay, as well as some lesser-known distilleries you may not have tried or heard of before, including new distilleries with less than 20 years of history.

Among the lineup of discontinued distilleries, Port Ellen (Lot 75, 117 & 118) needs no further introduction. In addition to Port Ellen, there are Millburn (Lot 17), St Magdalene (Lot 36), Glen Mhor (Lot 37), Coleburn & Glen Albyn (Lot 76), Littlemill (Lot 89), and Rosebank (Lot 90, 127 & 128), which collectors may want to pay attention to. One noteworthy offering is the Rosebank The Rose Edition 7 Enchantment (Lot 128), just released on the Valentine's Day this year, which the starting price is lower than its release price.

Collectors who love Islay whisky must have heard of the Feis Ile festival held on Islay every May. The Kinship set (Lot 88) celebrating the 2019 Feis Ile festival is not to be missed. Diageo's Casks Of Distinction series (Lot 26-28) is already well known, but the first edition of Prima & Ultima, released in 2020, is even rarer. The Lagavulin 1991 28-year-old (Lot 25) from Islay in this auction is worth collecting.

Of course, there are also 50 lots suitable for daily drinking with starting prices at HKD 10,000 or less. In addition, there are a total of 70+ lots with starting prices ranging from HKD 10,000 to HKD 20,000, covering whiskies from Scotland, Japan and Macallan, and you're sure to find your favorite bottle at the right price.

If you prefer Japanese whisky, this sale also has something for you. Both Karuizawa and Yamazaki are regulars at auctions, but the full set of eight bottles of Karuizawa Geisha Miyako Odori (Lot 111) is probably something many whisky enthusiasts have never seen before! Don't miss out the chance to collect the entire set in one auction! In addition, the School of Malt Lesson Collection (Lot 16), selected by Dave Broom, is an invaluable collection that both collectors and drinkers cannot resist.

The Yamazaki Mizunara cask distilled in 1984 (Lot 50) has always been highly sought after, and the three single casks from the same brand (Lot 447-49) are also not to be missed, especially the one hand-picked by Yamazaki's chief blender SEIICHI KOSHIMIZU (Lot 49). In addition to Yamazaki and Hakushu, there is a distillery called Chita which are under the same Suntory Group, specializes in producing high-quality grain whisky, and its whisky is also one of the main base whiskies for Hibiki. This time Madison Auction presents you a bottle of Chita bottled by SMWS (Lot 78), allowing you to taste the unique flavor of Japanese grain whisky.

In addition to the above big players, there are also many lesser-known Japanese distilleries whose whiskies are worth noting. Shinshu Mars Distillery ceased production in 1992 and resumed distilling in 2011, producing several impressive gems (Lot 32, 51, 52). The Akashi Distillery is the first company in Japan to be licensed for whisky production, but unfortunately its production is extremely low. Their Ghost series (Lot 145) is definitely worth collecting.



Lot 1
6 Bottles, 6 Single OC | Overall: Perfect | Vol: 700ml, Abv: 43.7%, Other: Single Malt
Est. HK$ 75,000 - HK$ 110,000

Macallan James Bond 60th Anniversary Release

Decade 1(1)(Single OC)
Decade 2(1)(Single OC)
Decade 3(1)(Single OC)
Decade 4(1)(Single OC)
Decade 5(1)(Single OC)
Decade 6(1)(Single OC)

The Macallan and James Bond are bound together by their shared Scottish heritage, innovative nature and the pursuit of excellence. They have created a remarkable collection comprising six limited edition bottles inspired by each of The Six Decades of Bond, telling the story of innovation over 60 years and the pioneering character attributes of James Bond and The Macallan.



Lot 16
3 Bottles | Overall: Great | Vol: 700ml, Other: Single Malt
Est. HK$ 40,000 - HK$ 75,000

1976 Tomatin 34 Year Old The School of Malt by Dave Broom Lesson I(1)
Ullage: Into neck | Barrel Type: Sherry Butt, Abv: 51.3%

1976 Ballindalloch 36 Year Old The School of Malt by Dave Broom Lesson II(1)
Ullage: Into neck | Abv: 55.2%

Karuizawa 21 Year Old The School of Malt by Dave Broom Lesson III, #9091(1)
Ullage: Top shoulder | Barrel Type: Sherry Butt, Abv: 63.7%

This series contains three bottles selected by famous whisky editor Dave Broom, including a legendary vintage of Tomatin, closed distillery from Japan Karuizawa and Ballindalloch which is from Glenfarclas Distillery.


1997 Clynelish 21 Year Old Casks of Distinction Boyao Zhao Exclusive, #7555

Lot 28
1 Bottle | Overall: Perfect | Label: China import, Bottled: 15th October 2018, Bottle Number: 336 | Barrel Type: Ex-Sherry Butt, Abv: 56.7%, Vol: 700ml | Other: Single Malt, 405 bottles produced
Est. HK$ 14,000 - HK$ 26,000

An exceptionally rare Clynelish 1997 has been exclusively selected by Boyao Zhao. As successor of the two fabulous 'Casks of Distinction' bottles, this 21 Year Old Clynelish also comes from the legendary distillery with a great taste of elegance, complexity and full of character.


100 Proof Green Thistle (1990s)

Lot 33
1 Bottle, Single OC | Overall: Perfect | Abv: 50%, Vol: 700ml, Other: Single Malt | WF 93
Est. HK$ 22,000 - HK$ 35,000

This is a 1990s bottle of the Springbank 12 year old, bottled at 100 US proof. These releases were produced by diluting the strength of the regular 12 year old by using under-proof casks of 30-36 year old whisky from the legendary 1960s vintages, giving the bottles their rich colour. These releases are also affectionately known as the 'Green Thistle' bottlings on account of their packaging.


1960 Linkwood 60 Year Old Gordon & Macphail Private Collection

Lot 39
1 Bottle, Wooden GB | Overall: Perfect | Bottled: 29th October 2020, Barrel Type: Refill Sherry Hogshead | Abv: 46.8%, Vol: 700ml, Other: Single Malt, 75 bottles produced
Est. HK$ 100,000 - HK$ 170,000

The Private Collection series, becomes a unique and high-end rare whisky series in Gordon & MacPhail (G&M in short) portfolio. It's perfect for whisky collectors, as all the whiskies in the collection are hand-selected by the third and fourth generations of the Urquhart family. This series specializes in bottling the rarest and most precious single malt whiskies in the world, representing G&M's core spirit of excellence by only bottling when they believe that a whisky has reached its peak maturity.

It's worth noting that the oldest vintage whisky for Linkwood is 61 years old, so this 60-year-old offering is the second-oldest and has an incredibly deep color that has been refined over time, with only 75 bottles being released.


1994 Yamazaki The Owner's Cask 輿水精一 , #4G3003

Lot 49
1 Bottle | Overall: Great | Bottled: 2011, Bottle Number: 196, Barrel Type: Sherry Butt | Abv: 51%, Vol: 700ml, Other: Single Malt, 438 bottles produced
Est. HK$ 42,000 - HK$ 75,000

This beautiful Yamazaki Owner's cask was selected by 輿水精一 , the chief blender from Suntory, making sure this is one of the legend Yamazaki Owner's cask.


1984 Yamazaki 25th Anniversary

Lot 50
1 Bottle, Wooden GB | Overall: Perfect | Bottle number: 1377, Barrel Type: Mizunara Oak casks | Abv: 48%, Vol: 700ml, Other: Single Malt
Est. HK$ 130,000 - HK$ 220,000

This beautiful Yamazaki Owner's cask was selected by 興水精一, the chief blender from Suntory, making sure this is one of the legend Yamazaki Owner's cask.



Lot 111
8 Bottles, 8 GB | Overall: Perfect | Bottled: 1/-7/ 2017;8/ 2018, Barrel Type: Sherry Cask | Vol: 700ml, Other: Single Malt
Est. HK$ 150,000 - HK$ 280,000

Karuizawa Geisha Miyako Odori
1999, #864(1)(GB)
Abv: 57.3%, Other: 440 bottles produced

1999, #866(1)(GB)
Abv: 58.6%, Other: 487 bottles produced

1999, #897(1)(GB)
Abv: 60.4%,Other: 382 bottles produced

1999, #899(1)(GB)
Abv: 60.6%, Other: 478 bottles produced

1999, #2380(1)(GB)
Label: Taiwan import, Abv: 59.7%, Other: 436 bottles produced

2000, #2219(1)(GB)
Label: Taiwan import, Abv: 59.8%, Other: 468 bottles produced

2000, #2267(1)(GB)
Abv: 60.4%, Other: 405 bottles produced

2000, #7834(1)(GB)
Abv: 60.5%, Other: 500 bottles produced

The Miyako Odori is one of the four great spring shows in the five geisha districts (hanamachi) of Kyoto, Japan. The dances, songs, and theater productions presented in the framework of the Miyako Odori are performed by the maiko (apprentice geisha) and geisha of the Gion quarter. This Karuizawa Geisha Miyako Odori full set contains eight incredible single cask whiskies distilled in 1999 and 2000 from Karuizawa distillery. Each one of these bottles is highly collectible, limited in numbers and each bottle features a different stunning label, each depicting a Geisha.


1949 Macallan 40 Year Old Signatory Vintage, #852&855

Lot 164
1 Bottle, GB | Overall: Great | Ullage: Top shoulder, Label: Slightly bin soiled, Japan import | Bottled: April 1990, Bottle Number: 207 | Abv: 37.9%, Vol: 750ml, Other: Single Malt, 280 bottles produced
Est. HK$ 45,000 - HK$ 80,000

A 40-year-old Macallan distilled in 1940s, only 1 bottle available in this sale.

We continue to accept consignments at 0% seller's commission throughout the year for upcoming sales – contact us today for an estimation on your collection.
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