Innodisk unveils compact, reliable PCIe nanoSSD 4TE3 for 5G, automotive, and aerospace applications

Release date Aug. 29, 2023, 03:00 am EDT
Taipei, Taiwan
Innodisk unveils compact, reliable PCIe nanoSSD 4TE3 for 5G, automotive, and aerospace applications
Innodisk unveils the groundbreaking nanoSSD PCIe 4TE3, catering to the surging requirements of edge AI compact design and superior computing power.

Innodisk, a prominent global provider of AIoT solutions, has introduced a groundbreaking innovation—the nanoSSD PCIe 4TE3—to address the mounting demands for compact yet powerful edge AI designs and high-performance computing. The nanoSSD 4TE3 stands as a PCIe 4.0 x4 BGA SSD, embodying a synergy of compact dimensions, amplified performance, and unwavering reliability. It steps onto the stage with the intent to unleash the latent possibilities in applications spanning 5G, automotive, and aerospace realms.

Elevated Performance Encased in a Diminutive Form

In the realm of edge AI, efficiency and significant capacity coalesce within confined spaces, often in the face of rugged external terrains. Think of these devices as deployed warriors in 5G base stations, aerospace crafts, and vehicular systems, all craving a balance of space conservation and expansive capacity to foster the growth of AIoT applications. Innodisk's nanoSSD PCIe 4TE3 emerges as a potent solution, embodying the M.2 type 1620 BGA form factor with a mere height of 1.65mm. But don't let its slight stature deceive you; it boasts an impressive capacity scaling up to 1TB, tailored perfectly to the appetites of space-crunched devices while flexing its design adaptability. Beyond its dimensions, the nanoSSD boasts a high-performance character, flaunting data transmission speeds that surge up to 3.6GB/s and bandwidth touching the 8GB/s mark, effectively catering to the velocity-hungry world of high-speed computing.

Under its elegant exterior lies a 12-nanometer controller and a 112-layer 3D TDC NAND Flash, orchestrating an intricate symphony of efficiency, reliability, and a commendable curtailment of power consumption and heat generation. These traits contribute not only to a compact footprint but also underline its commitment to sustainability. Moreover, the PCIe 4TE3 encompasses Innodisk's prized iSLC technology, extending its lifespan by an astounding 33 times to meet the rigorous demands of high-performance scenarios and the nuanced needs of embedded and industrial applications, all while delivering robust endurance and unwavering reliability.

Precision-Crafted Solutions for Unrestricted Creativity

Unlike conventional SSDs that are merely plugged in, the nanoSSD takes a different approach—it's soldered down and seamlessly integrated onto the motherboard. This design choice stands as a bulwark against the capriciousness of outdoor conditions, countering the likes of vibrations and tremors. The result: an uninterrupted symphony of signals and operations. Furthermore, the circuit design is underscored by a comprehensive pre-sales service, encompassing a design kit that acts as a stepping stone to seamless integration. Notably, this series is an in-house creation, which augments its quality and affords the liberty to fashion bespoke solutions that resonate with distinct requirements. This intrinsic flexibility is further enhanced with tailored options, such as namespace and security features. For instance, namespaces augment storage allocation agility, while the infusion of security attributes, including AES-256, TCG Opal, quick erasure, and write protection, caters impeccably to mission-critical contexts where safety and security reign supreme.

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